Halloween at The Royal


It is a dark and dystopian night in the year 2047. Nuclear war has ravaged the world with fallout, and rabid zombies roam the shattered remains of former cities searching for human flesh. What remains of humanity has scattered to the forests and wild mountains in a desperate quest for survival... 

But some traditions still hold true, and despite the apocalyptic gloom that rules over their lives and the monsters that roam the streets, a small group of survivors prepare to brave the horrors of the outside world. Once a year they venture to a radiation bunker known as The Royal, nestled in a little corner of what was previously known as British Columbia. Awaiting them inside will be all manner of freaks and strangeness, as they dance away the night to the post-apocalyptic beats of Naturalist and Straus.

$500 BAR TAB DOOR PRIZE - just show up and you're in the draw! The earlier you arrive, the more raffle tickets you get. Combined with $4 highballs and free pool until 11pm, it's a no-brainer to come down early and beat the lineup.


The Royal