You would think that the very root of our existence, the provider of all that nourishes and soothes us, would be forefront in our awareness. Our gratefulness. Always. 

There are a lot of reasons to work for a ‘greener’ world, but most parents would agree the number one motivation is their children. We want our offspring and other descendants to enjoy lush forests, homes that are safe from wildfire, as well as health and prosperity beyond our own.

As women, we think a lot about our hormones when it comes to both our first (puberty) and last (menopause) menses but we think a lot less about our hormones in between, even though this period makes up our entire reproductive lives. 

One year ago, my friend appeared on my doorstep in the darkness and told me she had cancer. She’d come from a routine check-up and driven alone from Calgary, afraid to say the words out loud and make them real. I have cancer. A phrase that sticks to your tongue and the inside of your mouth, thick and vile. 

As our children become teenagers, we start to glimpse the kind of people they will be as grown-ups. We may see their work ethic develop, or watch as they take a principled stance at school. We might also catch them bullying, cheating, or lying. 

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This FREE 5 week program is for parents of children aged 0-6. Join other parents in a safe, fun, comfortable environment to discuss parenting issues. Childcare subsidies available. Limited space - register at

Children need to find their own voice. This can be in terms of the choice of their own style in clothing, their favourite foods or in the way they like to move. Every child likes finding their own way of doing things, but it sometimes takes a while for them to do so. That being said, there a few ways that you can help your child in finding their own “movement voice.”

If you’ve been reading child development literature you know that play is essential for optimal human growth. Sometimes we forget, however, that teenagers also want and need to play. In fact, play is beneficial at every age, and adults have a lot to gain from it whether they are parents or not.

It’s December 12. Not for you, but try to remember. Before your New Year’s hangover and the sweet turns you carved through the crowds. Before it started to get really crazy and really fun. Dec. 12 was the morning it snowed 45 fresh and fluffy cm’s. A Wednesday. First official pow day. 

Playing can be initiated and happen in many ways. As an educator, my teaching journey has led me to explore the deeper aspects and benefits of child-lead learning, much of which happens through play. It can be very difficult for adults to be patient, step back and observe; however, uninterrupted play initiated by children serves their future selves through a variety of ways.