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I am not an expert in vaccinations, epidemiology or really health care but my world has been and will continue to be filled with these topics for the foreseeable future. There is no doubt it is a strange time to be in local government, but a year into our pandemic response it is starting to feel normal for these topics to be high priority issues.

It is remarkable to me what is happening in organizations, and all employers should be focusing on mental health in the workplace. Mourneau Shepell’s Mental Health Index, a monthly health index for employed Canadians is showing that workplace mental health began to decline again this fall. No surprise as we headed into our second wave. 

Event Date: 
Tuesday, January 12, 2021
6:00pm - 7:00pm

Join Mayor Ange Qualizza, CAO Michael Boronowski, and City staff on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 for a live Q&A on the City’s Snow Management Pilot Project.

They will be taking your questions live through the comments section of their City of Fernie Facebook page. We invite you to share your questions about the pilot project, the feedback they’ve gotten, what’s working and what isn’t and what they’re changing as a result, what you can expect, and how you can continue to provide your feedback.

Remember that science experiment, the one where a simple potato can produce enough electricity to power a light bulb? That is me in a nutshell. To light up, I need potatoes. I need friends, I need laughter, I need smiles and I need connection. 

Nestled between rugged peaks and along cool waters, Fernie has long been considered among the world’s premier winter holiday destinations. With snowfalls of 30 feet or more, Fernie residents and visitors alike embrace the season by making the most of our vast outdoor playground. We are especially lucky to be able to enjoy our open spaces during these pandemic times and remain active year-round. Whether you’re looking for a low-key stroll or a heart pumping ride, we’ve got an outdoor space for everyone!

It is mid-November and I am pretty sure I can hear the ticking of a clock close by. Somewhere surely, Krista’s beautiful smile is imploring me to make my deadline. Hurry up. 

The City of Fernie is pleased to announce that Bryn Burditt has been appointed to the position of Chief Financial Officer. 

As I write this we are a mere week away from election results, and I think we can all agree that predicting election outcomes is a fool’s game. I do know though, that after six years in local government my voting behaviour is forever changed. 

At this week's City of Fernie Regular Meeting of Council, council approved measures to support the continued transitional, safe re-opening of indoor facilities. These measures include temporary additional staffing and resources to monitor and clean indoor facilities as part of the City’s Indoor Recreation Facilities Re-Opening Safety Plan.

The City would like to remind the public of the following:

Event Date: 
Monday, September 28, 2020

A Regular Meeting of Council will be held on Monday, September 28 at 7:00pm. View the agenda here.