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We all need to hear these simple words: You are accepted—loved and supported and welcomed. The underlying story is that some people still have a harder time finding acceptance than others.

The film features Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci and Fionn Whitehead in the major roles. Thompson plays Fiona Maye, a judge who visits the boy in hospital to determine whether or not his wishes are being influenced unduly by his family. 


“Great art picks up where nature ends” - Marc Chagall

When I first met Ashley Wolodka, I was instantly attracted to the fire in her eyes. 

The Fall Mini-Conference will be held Friday October 30 to Sunday November 1, 2020 at the start of Rod MacIntyre’s position as the Fernie Writer-in-Residence. The adult sessions will be led by Rod MacIntyre, Keith Liggett, and Angela Naccarato. The Youth Session will be led by Danielle Gibson. For session descriptions and full leader bios, see the Conference website.

Every fall our garden grows out of a hope that when you plant a seed in the spring, it will be a mature plant at harvest time. The pulling up of carrots, the canning of beans, the dicing of tomatoes—these things are the symbolic closing of the backyard gardener’s loop as it passes through hope, nurture, harvest, and enjoyment.

The Fernie Banner Project highlights the diversity of the artistic community of the Elk Valley and brings Fernie’s downtown to life, celebrating the imagery and identity of the city.

October is a special month beginning with a full moon and ending with a full moon, with the new moon right in the middle (10/16). Restrained energy continues to rule on Earth and this will not change anytime soon. It can feel frustrating and tension is palpable in the chart for October. There is a great balance occurring and this manifests in the macro and the micro.

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” -Vincent Van Gogh

September can feel like the most anticipated goodbye to a deliciously golden season. Summer is a season so anticipated here that we are grieving its departure before it’s fully over! Summer, sweet, sweet summertime. As we dawn our masks and crack open the books for another academic year, I remind you to reminisce, to soak up those September rays, and remember how life sometimes can feel perfectly in bloom. 

Spirited Summer

hematoma sunshine

The COVID Alert app has captured a bunch of attention in Canada for both good and bad reasons. There are plenty of reasons to believe that a good contact tracing app can help limit the spread of the COVID virus by alerting potentially infected persons to self isolate and get tested.