Best of Fernie 2010

This year, over 250 residents and visitors completed the Best of Fernie survey, voting for their Fernie Favourites in 2019. With so many amazing local businesses, activities and events, choosing becomes tougher each year with an increasing amount of tight races in all categories. Congratulations to this year’s winners, and thank you to everyone who participated. Remember to show your love to organizations and businesses by keeping your support and $ local!

Favourite Fernie Season 2010

We grouped seasons into three categories - summer, winter and off-seasons. While it may be easy to guess what came in third, you might be surprised by the golden choice!

Gold: Summer - majority votes!

Silver: Winter

Bronze: Off-season - we do love our off-seasons, particularly fall.

Number 1 Summer Activity 2010

What is there not to love about summer? Warmer, longer days and a plethora of activities out our front doors says it all.

Gold: Biking

Silver: Hiking

Bronze: Golf

Honorable Mention: Fishing was up there, and many mentioned hitting the lake.

Number 1 Winter Activity 2010

While there's nothing quite like a fresh powder day, there are many choices to consider when the snow isn't flying. Regardless, skiing/boarding still topped the charts.

Gold: Skiing/Boarding

Silver: Cross Country Skiing

Bronze: Snowmobiling

Honorable Mention: Snowshoeing and playing hockey were favoured alternatives.

Best Bike Trail 2010

I was so curious to see what made gold for 2010. With a lot of new trails out there, and a variety of biking abilities and preferences, your guess was as good as mine!

Gold: Swine Flu was the number 1 trail for 2010!

Silver: Project 9 a close second, claiming silver.

Bronze: Castle Rocks third with bronze.

Best Hiking Trail 2010

Hiking is a popular summer activity in Fernie, and why not? We're completely encircled by mountains in this valley!

Gold: Heiko's Trail

Silver: Spineback at Island Lake Lodge

Bronze: Fernie Mountain a close Bronze

Best Run at Fernie Alpine Resort 2010

With so many to choose from, and so many people wanting to keep their stashes a secret, it came down to these three! Surprising that only one represents the old side? I think not. Locals are the most secretive and you can guess which side they sway towards...

Gold: Gold - Concussion, Curry Bowl

Silver: Silver - Siberia Ridge, Siberia Bowl

Bronze: Bronze - Corner Pocket, Lizard Bowl

Favourite Place to Snowmobile 2010

Admittedly, I am a bit out of my realm when it comes to snowmobiling... while I do know where people head (generally), I wouldn't have a clue as to what was favoured. So, here we go!

Gold: Harvey Pass is THE golden zone, according to this year's voters.

Silver: Taking silver is Coal Creek.

Bronze: And in bronze we have Morrissey.

Honorable Mention: Hartley Lake and Tunnel Creek were tied for fourth!

Best Place to Cross Country Ski 2010

A winter sport growing in popularity, cross country skiing options in Fernie have never been better!

Gold: Island Lake Lodge

Silver: Fernie Alpine Resort's trail network claims silver

Bronze: In bronze is the Fernie Golf & Country Club

Honorable Mention: Ridgemont seems to be the place to go if you want some added excitement with your cross country ski "adventure".

Favourite Indoor Activity 2010

Sometimes we either have to or want to play inside. So what do we get up to in Fernie?

Gold: Swimming

Silver: Yoga

Bronze: Skating or Hockey

Honorable Mention: Spinning or hitting the gym received favourable mentions.

How You Maintain Balance/Cross Train 2010

We all know the impact a "recreational" lifestyle can have on the body. So how do Fernie folk stay fit and ready to take on the next season?

Gold: Weight Training

Silver: Yoga

Bronze: Meditation

Honorable Mention: Many Fernie residents spend their time chasing children! That will keep you in shape.

Best Source for Injury Prevention and Rehab 2010

When we "over do it" (we've all been there), these are the go to sources to getting back on track!

Gold: Gold - Physio Therapy

Silver: Silver - Massage Therapy

Bronze: Bronze - Chiropractic

Honorable Mention: Seeing a personal trainer received the next number of votes, but we thought it quite amusing that many of you feel plenty of beer works!

Best Spa in Town 2010

What we found most interesting with these results were the amount of people that don't partake in the spa experience! Get out there and enjoy the luxurious resources at your disposal... and rejuvenate in the process.

Gold: Island Lake Lodge Spa - the big winner for 2010

Silver: Oasis Spa

Bronze: Trillium Day Spa

Honorable Mention: Tied fourth were Indigo Spa and King Fir Spa.

Favourite Hair Salon 2010

Sparrow for Hair is the newest salon in Fernie and managed to take gold!

We had some interesting alternatives, including many voters that cut their own hair. That explains a lot ;-)

Gold: Sparrow for Hair

Silver: ET Hair Salon

Bronze: Blue Lime Hair

Honorable Mention: Beautiful Reasons took fourth place.

Your Go To Health Product Source 2010

For a small town Fernie provides many options for health supplies and products!

Gold: The Cottonwood Tree

Silver: The Good Earth

Bronze: Overwaitea

Honorable Mention: Cincott Market and Cafe took fourth this year.

Where You Purchase Your Summer Gear 2010

If it wasn't apparent before, it's apparent now that Straightline is the hub for summer gear purchases!

Gold: Straightline

Silver: The Ski Base

Bronze: The Guide's Hut

Honorable Mention: Board Stiff was up there in fourth place!

Where You Purchase Your Winter Gear 2010

Another big winner is The Ski Base - apparently THE hub for winter gear, with a tie for second and a new business claiming third.

Gold: The Ski Base

Silver: Straightline and The Guides Hut Tied for Second

Bronze: Gear Hub

Honorable Mention: Edge of the World claimed fourth this year.

Fashion Hot Spot 2010

Fernie has many sources for a variety of fashion needs, and this category showcases that with ten different businesses voted for!

Gold: Freyja

Silver: Board Stiff

Bronze: Ghostrider Trading

Honorable Mention: While Freyja was the big winner, Giv'Er Shirt Works was the big runner upper!

Casual Wear Locale 2010

While we like to dress up, we also like to be comfortable and once again we are lucky with the options available to us.

Gold: Ski Base

Silver: Edge of the World

Bronze: Board Stiff

Honorable Mention: Hempire!

Best Place for Kid's Clothing, Toys and Gifts 2010

It seems like more and more families have been popping up in Fernie over the last few years, and alongside this trend is the emergence of shopping options for children in town!

Gold: Polar Peek Books & Treasures

Silver: Grow Children's & Maternity

Bronze: Extra Foods

Honorable Mention: Giv'Er gets another honourable mention!

Jewelry and Accessory Hot Spot 2010

While Carosella was a big winner this year, over 7 businesses had votes in this category.

Gold: Carosella

Silver: Freyja

Bronze: Giv'Er Shirt Works

Honorable Mention: Bunches as runner up!

Where You Go To Spruce Up Your Home 2010

There may be a lot of options out there, but it seems we all flock to the same places!

Gold: Canadian Tire

Silver: Home Hardware

Bronze: Livery Home

Honorable Mention: Green Petal, another new business to Fernie, claims fourth.

Where You Stock the Fridge 2010

Pretty straight forward here!

Gold: Overwaitea

Silver: Extra Foods

Bronze: Cincott Market and Cafe

Where You Stock the Liquor Cabinet 2010

Do you realize that we have five options for purchasing liquor, beer and wine in Fernie? Perhaps we enjoy apres just as much as the recreation.

Gold: BC Liquor Store

Silver: Spirits Cold Beer & Liquor

Bronze: Fernie Mountain Spirits

Where You Get Your Junk Food/Goodies 2010

Let's be honest, we all like to indulge in a little junk food from time to time! Whether it's 5 cent candies, chocolate bars, or bags of chips, here's where we got the goods in 2010.

Gold: Stop N Shop

Silver: Overwaitea/Extra Foods

Bronze: 7-11

Honorable Mention: Rocky Mountain Chocolate received a number of votes!

Best Cup of Joe 2010

Fernie is not short of coffee joints, with eight at our disposal!

Gold: Freshies and Mug Shots take gold!

Silver: The Fernie Tea & Coffee House

Bronze: Big Bang Bagels

Honorable Mention: Tim Horton's is the fourth favourite for coffee in Fernie.

Favourite Place to "Brunch" 2010

We have a plethora of brunch choices, no matter what time of the day you decided to enjoy it!

Gold: Blue Toque

Silver: Big Bang Bagels

Bronze: The Old Elevator

Honorable Mention: Mug Shots is the honourary brunch locale.

Best Burger in Town 2010

There are many great options for burgers in Fernie, here are your favourites for 2010!

Gold: The Brickhouse

Silver: Bulldogs

Bronze: The Clubhouse, Fernie Golf & Country Club

Honorable Mention: Parkplace Pub is the runner up!

Best Dining Atmosphere 2010

We've said it before, we'll say it again, we are so lucky to have amazing restaurants in Fernie! When you're looking for atmosphere to go along with your dining experience, check out these picks for 2010.

Gold: Yamagoya

Silver: Picnic Restaurant and Social

Bronze: The Brickhouse

Honorable Mention: The Old Elevator is an obvious runner up.

Where To Shake Your Booty 2010

After a day of skiing, biking, golf, hitting the lake... there's nothing quite like heading out to shake your booty! So, where should you go?

Gold: Bulldogs

Silver: The Central

Bronze: The Fernie

Honorable Mention: The Griz Bar had a lot of votes, as where else would you want to apres after a day on the slopes?

Favourite Ethnic Restaurant 2010

We had to create a separate category to truly showcase the variety and quality of ethnic restaurants in Fernie.

Gold: Yamagoya

Silver: The Curry Bowl

Bronze: El Guapo

Honorable Mention: Coming in at fourth is Mountain Tandoor at the Stanford Inn.

Best Pizza in Town 2010

After a busy day on the slopes or hitting the trails on your bike, there's nothing like a fast and tasty meal... this is where pizza fits in! It's a Fernie favourite and is a rewarding treat after playing in the mountains.

Gold: Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe

Silver: Loaf

Bronze: Boston Pizza

Honorable Mention: Just Pizza comes in fourth for 2010

Your Quick Food "Fix" 2010

You have to love a small, local business taking gold over the fast food chains!

Gold: Big Bang Bagels

Silver: Subway

Bronze: Tim Horton's

Honorable Mention: A&W was next in line, and many of you head to Loaf for a quick meal!

Where You Send the Family When They Come to Town 2010

Both in town and at the hill were popular choices for 2010! As were your own houses, very generous of you Fernie folk!

Gold: Parkplace Lodge

Silver: The Best Western Fernie Mountain Lodge

Bronze: Lizard Creek Lodge

Honorable Mention: Stanford Inn came fourth, not surprising - that water slide looks like fun!

Where You Send Friends on a Budget 2010

While Fernie is known for being a bit pricey, there are many economical options available!

Gold: Raging Elk Hostel

Silver: Snow Valley Motel

Bronze: Super 8 Motel

Honorable Mention: Powder Mountain Lodge came in fourth, and once again many offered up couches, pieces of carpet, and even beds for friends coming to town!

Best Way to Spend Your Last $10 2010

Caffeine or alcohol - the way to Fernie hearts! The most common answers were a Mr. Fernie and coffee from Big Bang and après beer at the Griz Bar. Notable mentions include movies from Midge’s Mags and Beef Jerky from Brown’s Meat Market.

Gold: It's between the Breakfast Banger at Big Bang Bagels with a coffee, or apres at the Griz Bar at Fernie Alpine Resort! Both amazing ways to start or finish a day.

Silver: Silver - N/A

Bronze: Bronze - N/A

Best Place for People Watching 2010

It's not surprising that the best people watching takes place in areas where a lot of people tend to be!

Gold: Downtown Fernie takes gold, whether you're sitting on a bench, enjoying a beer at the Brickhouse, or having a cup of coffee at Freshies!

Silver: The Griz Bar deck or plaza at Fernie Alpine Resort are a close second with silver!

Bronze: N/A

THE Event of 2010 2010

It seems as though we like to dress up in Fernie, whether it's from the Tinkle Trunk or the fancy end of our closets for a gala of some sort...

Gold: Hot Dog Day

Silver: As Good As Gold Gala

Bronze: N/A

Best Reason For Living in Fernie 2010

We hear it time and time again, living in Fernie is all about the community. Our friendly, togetherness is what makes people stay.

Gold: Community

Silver: N/A

Bronze: N/A

Best Reason for Visiting Fernie 2010

This was an easy one, most people are attracted to Fernie by our infamous snowfall!

Gold: Skiing/Boarding!

Silver: N/A

Bronze: N/A

Favourite Fernie Saying 2010

There are many "Fernieisms" in our little town, here are the two most popular! (Although some argued that one of these sayings is just a bad excuse for being inconsiderate, which I'm taking into consideration...)

Gold: Fernie Time!

Silver: 20cm rule! (or 10cm, or 30cm, depending on your flexibility!)

Bronze: N/A

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