Eat, Recover, Repeat

Try these dietician-approved tips to stay healthy, hydrated and active during summer endurance activities. 

Posted by Tiffany Schebesch on May 10, 2017 in Health

Eli’s Eco-Friendly Pursuit

Taking time to do a little more for the earth and making the right food choices that have less of an environmental impact. 

Posted by Tiffany Schebesch on Apr 22, 2017 in Health

Get Ready for Spring

It’s hard to imagine that soon we’ll have to be ready for a different set of sports. This month is a great time to begin your transition in the gym and start getting ready for summer as with May comes the first golf and bike events of the season.

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Apr 11, 2017 in Health

Katie’s Key Nutrients

Women have special dietary needs, and their bodies require specific nutrients to function optimally. Katie’s story resonates with many ladies who strive to eat a healthy diet, however their busy lifestyles may create barriers. Let’s look into a few particular nutrients for women to focus on.

Posted by Tiffany Schebesch on Mar 21, 2017 in Health

Finding Your Tribe

We need to change our dialogue, starting with the dialogue we have with ourselves. Talk to the women in your life about what is happening for them, particularly the new mothers. Talk to your daughters and nieces and don’t let another generation grow up without the benefit of a tribe of women holding them up.

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Mar 20, 2017 in Health

Ready, Set, PPP!

This month Sarah helps you focus on training for the 33rd annual Powder, Pedal, Paddle relay. A fun race that can be even better when you're prepared.

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Mar 12, 2017 in Health

Training for March

Sarah helps you get ready for two great Fernie events including Griz Days, as well as geting ready for the non stop summer events to come.

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Feb 21, 2017 in Health

Sarah’s Journey

February is undeniably the month of love, and what’s more important than loving yourself? Tiffany encourages you to accept and love your body, use positive self-talk, and remember that health is more important than beauty.

Posted by Tiffany Schebesch on Feb 17, 2017 in Health

A Day (or Two) at the Spa

Chantel Belanger, owner of Trillium Day Spa, invites Jesse for a full-service spa day. Perfectly scheduled right before Christmas. 

Posted by Jesse Bell on Jan 14, 2017 in Health


Whether we realize it or not, getting ready each day, or shopping for the next outfit, next haircut or colour, or new lipstick, we do it all with purpose. Whatever your mood let that purpose shine.

Posted by Solange and Zoe on Jan 11, 2017 in Health

February Events

Does it seem like there is always something going on in Fernie? It probably is because there is! This year Sarah's focusing on helping you train for local events.

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Jan 04, 2017 in Health

Naughty or Nice

‘Tis the season to be jolly, why not look your best while you're at it? Sparkle, sequins, rich jewel tones, fur, velvet. Solange and Zoe share their favourite go-to outfits, hair and makeup tips to get through the holiday season.

Posted by Solange and Zoe on Dec 22, 2016 in Health

A Celebration of Self

Self-care is a struggle for many of us. We focus so much on getting through school, achieving our career goals, and having (and then looking after) our families, only squeezing in time for ourselves to exercise, travel, socialize, etc. almost as an after thought. We owe this work ethic to the culture around us, sacrificing ourselves for those around us as if it makes us more successful, but the reality is that we do better, and we are better, if we look after ourselves first.

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Dec 19, 2016 in Health

January Events

Doesn’t it seem like there is always something going on in Fernie? Well, that’s because there is! Sarah helps you focus on how to best train for specific local events to ensure you are ready… starting right now.

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Dec 18, 2016 in Health

The Holiday Hustle

A Holiday Survival Guide to keep you on track, plus delicious gingerbread granola recipe.

Posted by Krissi Hyland on Dec 07, 2016 in Health