Morgan Pulsifer

Throughout the election this past October, we got to learn more about each candidate. But there was still so much we wanted to learn about the young man who stood up to take on an important role in our community.

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Jan 09, 2019 in Community

Students “Do and Learn” In Their Wild Backyards

With patches of snow on the ground, it’s a day for jackets and hoods up to protect ears from the cold.

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Awakening to Winter

As winter white begins to fall many communities take on a slower pace, settling into a schedule based around shorter days, colder weather, homework, and planning for the festive season. All of these things happen in Fernie but it’s far from a quiet time. 

Posted by Rebecca Hall on Jan 02, 2019 in Community

Then and Now

As winter fun gets underway in December, take a moment to think of those early residents who built this town and left us a legacy of celebration.

Posted by Rebecca Hall on Dec 15, 2018 in Community

Fernie Fire Rescue and Canadian Tire Partnership

Fernie Fire Rescue, in partnership with Canadian Tire, are pleased to provide Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors for those in need. Fernie Fire Rescue will now have access to the dual detectors to provide to elderly and vulnerable persons who may need assistance with the financial cost of purchasing or installation of the combination detectors.

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Reptiles, Grizzlies and More to Benefit From $1 Million

There are many ways to support a healthy and diverse environment, from restoring habitat to educating schoolchildren about ecosystems. Columbia Basin organizations will be taking on 29 projects like these with support from over $1 million in Environment Grants from Columbia Basin Trust.

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In the Sweet Spot

For six years Shelby has been documenting her children’s lives. Squeals of delight and sprinklers and cannon balls. It’s all there, typed out on yellowing clips of folded paper with a stamp-sized picture of her face at the top.

Posted by Shelby Cain on Dec 09, 2018 in Community

Underage Drinking

Some of us look back on our teenage years with fondness as we recall the freedom, friends, and fun we had. A sense of nostalgia might have us smiling about a simpler time, but sometimes we forget the pressures that go along with being young.

Posted by Kerri Wall on Dec 09, 2018 in Community

Andrea Brennan

As the Reverend of the Christ Church Anglican in Fernie for the last three years, she has already had a such a positive impact in our community in unique and thoughtful ways.

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Dec 08, 2018 in Community

December 2018 Editor's Fix

As the holidays approach, our Editor tends to become a sentimental mess. Even more so now that she has children. Decades of memories are layered within her mind, creating a general feeling of longing for this time of year and all that it brings.

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Dec 04, 2018 in Community

No One is Left Behind

Jeri Mitchell and I run a Christmas Cheer Committee with the help of a few Elves here in Fernieto spread kindness and cheer throughout the Christmas Holidays and year round if someone or a family needs help.

Posted by Rhoda Burrows -... on Dec 03, 2018 in Community

Fernie Memorial Arena Opening Date

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