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Navigating Resources Wisely

In our culture there is so much emphasis placed on preparing for pregnancy and even for labour and delivery and perhaps not enough on preparing for parenthood. There is so much self-doubt and so many questions that need answering so where do you turn for advice? 

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sep 18, 2020 in Health

The Pig

It’s September, how did that happen? It’s also the last of the Donation Box Scavenger Hunt, with the most challenging location to date - Swine Flu! When this article was written, the Pig Donation Box was located lower down on this wonderful trail on Mount Proctor, but has recently been moved to the top of the trail, offering stunning views of the mountains and town of Fernie. 

Posted by Wes Shaw on Sep 18, 2020 in Outdoors

Kootenay Regional Districts Win 2020 Sustainable Communities Award

The Regional Districts of East Kootenay, Kootenay Boundary and Central Kootenay have been selected as a winner of a 2020 Sustainable Communities Award for exceptional work in the Visionary Award category for their Accelerate Kootenays project. 

Posted by admin on Sep 17, 2020 in Community

RDEK Electoral Area A Contributes Thousands to Effort to Bring Ultrasound Technology to the Elk Valley

The East Kootenay Foundation for Health’s (EKFH) “Beneath the Surface” campaign just got a significant boost with a $20,000 grant from the RDEK Electoral Area A Discretionary Grant in Aid account.

Posted by admin on Sep 16, 2020 in Community

Fernie Ambassador Program sessions will go ahead virtually this fall

The Fernie Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that five virtual Fernie Ambassador Program sessions are scheduled for this fall. 

Posted by admin on Sep 15, 2020 in Community

Our Trickster Brains

Our brains tell us lies each and every day. 

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sep 15, 2020 in Health

Spirited Summer

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” -Vincent Van Gogh

Posted by Sadie Rosgen on Sep 14, 2020 in Art and Entertainment


The COVID Alert app has captured a bunch of attention in Canada for both good and bad reasons. There are plenty of reasons to believe that a good contact tracing app can help limit the spread of the COVID virus by alerting potentially infected persons to self isolate and get tested. 

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Sep 12, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Clayton Lamb

Originally from Chilliwack, BC, Clayton grew up “hunting and fishing and trapping,” he tells me. “My parents were teachers, so we spent our summers out on the landscape.” Not surprisingly, when he attended UBC’s Okanagan campus, he went into sciences and studied ecology.

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Sep 12, 2020 in Community

Trail Etiquette & The Lunch Loop

September’s Education Issue is a great time to review and bring awareness to trail etiquette. 

Posted by admin on Sep 11, 2020 in Outdoors

Get Involved in the Fernie Food Action Strategy

The pandemic has highlighted vulnerabilities in many critical areas of our lives, notably our long-distance supply chains and secure access to imported food. Many Fernie residents were shocked to see empty grocery store shelves, a rush on toilet paper, and an inability to access flour, yeast, and other food supplies this spring. 

Posted by admin on Sep 11, 2020 in Community

The Great

The Great is a satirical, comedic American television series loosely based on the life of Catherine the Great, the longest reigning female ruler in the history of Russia. 

Posted by Andrew Vallance on Sep 10, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Veterinary Health Care

One of the most difficult aspects in being a pet owner is facing the challenge in our animals not being able to tell us how they’re feeling when they aren’t well. It doesn’t take long for us to feel lost and helpless. Most of us will do just about anything to help them and there is no better way to achieve that than by working with the right veterinarian. 

Posted by Val Lanthier on Sep 07, 2020 in Health

September 2020 Business News

Fernie Pride Society

Posted by admin on Sep 07, 2020 in Business

The Serial Doodler

“Michael, put down your pencil and pay attention!” was a phrase commonly directed at me in elementary school. Being an obedient kid I would lay my pencil down and, my mind untethered, would quickly drift off into another realm. Stopping doodling was like letting go of the string of a balloon—the balloon being my ability to focus on the moment. 

Posted by Michael Hepher on Sep 06, 2020 in Art and Entertainment