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Moussaka - A Gift From the Greek Goddesses

We began meeting over 15 years ago- a group of women all about the same age, friends for one reason or another. In common was life in a mountain town, relationships with partners, children, parents and siblings. The idea came from me - I was home alone most days with two small boys, which at times I found isolating and lonely and craved a connection with other women. These gatherings were all about connecting with each other and having time to ourselves at a time in our lives when we spent most of our days looking after others.

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Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the things that endeared me to Fernie was the commitment to healthy lifestyle that so many in the community had. It may seem that genetics plays a major role in the incredibly fit bodies that so many have, but if you dissect each of these individuals, the biggest trait they have is their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I have discussed with many clients how to create this in their own lives and here are a few key points that seem to work:

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Oct 03, 2010 in Health

Fall Fly Fishing with Wayne Osborne

As usual September proved to be one of best times of the year to fish the Elk. Prevalent hatches of tiny BWO's down to size 22-24, Flavs and Slatewing Duns in the size 12-14 range (Olive Haze and Grey Para Hares Ear) and large Fall Caddis which should continue through October. I have found Orange or Royal PMX in size 6-8 work well when the Fall Caddis are around.

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EA Sports

I am a sports nerd. I love sports. I can barely skate but I love the game of hockey. I am afraid of a baseball, but still played on a softball team for years so I could umpire games.

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A Sense of Time

At about 7:30 in the evening Tuesday after the September long weekend, I was walking the couple blocks to my house after shopping at Overwaitea. The sky was half dark and the sun still reflected off the clouds over the Lizard Range.

Posted by Keith Liggett on Oct 03, 2010 in Community

Event Volunteers

What did you get up to last month? Did you go to the Demolition Derby? Visit the last Mountain Market of the season? Take part in the Dirt Diggler or Project 9 races? Run for a Tears and Gears team? Take your dog on the Paws for Cause walk? Watch an Indie Film? Or maybe pressed your apples at the Eco Garden?

I tried to count the number of events we had in one year here in Fernie and got lost once I started getting in to triple figures! We really are spoiled for choice and entertainment here - It’s quite extraordinary.

Posted by Kirsty Morris on Oct 03, 2010 in Community

Mark Lento

Coming across the finish line, caked in mud and happy day one of the TR3 was over, I was instantly greeted by my family… and Mark Lento. Well isn’t that sweet, he came out to cheer me on. It wasn’t until later that my dad informed me that Overwaitea was an official sponsor of the TransRockies start in Fernie and was handing each and every racer a gift bag at the finish line. Wow, Mark stood there from 9am to 4pm handing out bags in the pouring rain? Impressive.

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Growing Fernie - Community Events

One thing that many people notice about our town is the number of babies, preschoolers and expectant mothers on our streets every day. Whether it’s the great air or the active lifestyle or the sense of community, it’s clearly a popular location for raising children.

Posted by Rebecca Hall on Oct 03, 2010 in Community

Train In on the Mystery of Music

If all you knew about Colin Linden was that he released his 11th solo album—From the Water—29 years after his first, you could rightly say that he has had a good, solid career.

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Hot Tub Time Machine

In 1985 Robert Zmieckis and Steven Spielberg came together to release Back to the Future. The film told the story of Marty McFly (Michael J.

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Every Lost Country by Steven Heighton

“Air this thin turns anyone into a mystic” – so starts Steven Heighton’s beautiful new novel, Every Lost Country. The book begins on a climbing expedition near the mountainous border between Tibet and Nepal, where altitude dulls the mind and “slurs the border between abstractions—right and wrong—or apparent opposites—dead and alive, past and present, you and him.”

Posted by Angie Abdou on Oct 03, 2010 in Art and Entertainment

Savings Plans for Children and Teenagers

In this month’s column, I am responding to a reader’s suggestion regarding savings plans for children and teenagers. I did some “Googling” using the terms children, teenagers and savings. What I found is that the benefits of investing in Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs ) had extensive coverage, but that there weren’t many articles about saving money. Do we happen to live in a society that is all about consumerism?

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October New Business

Shannon Milne - Norwex Consultant, 250-423-6815
Ever have a piece of clothing that you can't get the smell out of? Shannon Milne as a Norwex consultant heard this on her first presentation and suggested a basic clean with the Norwex detergent and it worked. Since starting her Norwex business Shannon has heard many stories like this, from a friend who's husband stopped having nosebleeds while he slept, to another client who actually cleaned a car window that was permanently dirty inside.

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October Business News

Boardstiff, 542 2nd Ave Fernie 250-423-3473
In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. Blake returned to Argentina with a group of family and friends with 10,000 pairs of shoes made possible by TOMS’ customers.
Why Shoes?
- Many children in developing countries grow up barefoot. Whether at play, doing chores or going to school, these children are at risk:

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5th Annual Dirt Diggler DH Results 2010

This year's event had a great turnout on what seemed to be unfavorable trail conditions but according to the riders it was tacky, making it optimal for the race! The Dirt Diggler DH is one of Fernie's most challenging downhill mountain bike races on an epic trail starting at the top of Morrissey Ridge and following the ridge line all the way to the valley floor. Photographs from the the photo shoot out, new to the event this year, will be printed in the November edition of the Fernie Fix.

1. Dominique Doyon 14.58
2. Lucie Richer 16.06

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