Local Ultra Runner Tackling 175km for Youth Mental Health

On October 31, 2020, Calvin Domin, a long-time Elk Valley resident proudly raising his family in the Elk Valley, is running approximately 175km for Youth Mental Health. "In my spare-time I train for and run ultramarathons of varying distances," Calvin said, utilizing something he is passionate about in the support of youth in the Valley.

Calvin's run is an Elk Valley Stars for Starlite fundraiser for the East Kootenay Foundry, which was announced by the Provincial Government on June 15, 2020. East Kootenay Foundry will be located in Cranbook, serving the East Kootenay region. The Foundry will be the frist of its kind in the East Kootenays, offering youth ages 12-24 and their families health and wellness resources, services and support both online and through integrated service centres. "We will be working with eight communities and lead agencies to bring integrated mental health, substance use, primary care, youth and family peer supports, and social services to their communities," Foundry included in the announcement.

East Kootenay Foundation for Health and East Kootenay Foundry are just at the beginning of their fundraising with a goal of raising $1.4M over the next 18 months.

"I’m sure, that I am not alone in knowing someone somewhere that was or is currently in need of youth mental health supports as it is estimated that 1 in 5 youth require support but only 25% of them receive the support they need. So on October 31, 2020 I am going to set out running from Sparwood to Cranbrook arriving on November 1st hoping to raise enough money to light the first large star of this year’s Starlite Campaign," Calvin said. "I am so very proud to say that a few youth from Elkford, Sparwood, Fernie, Jaffray and possibly
the Ktunaxa Nation will be joining me on the final leg of my journey into Cranbrook finishing at East Kootenay Regional Hospital right beneath the stars. We will be welcomed in by a Mother, Michelle Evans, who lost a daughter Kassy to suicide, as well as representatives from EKFH, EK Foundry, and others.

Elk Valley Stars for Starlite has the opportunity to not only light up a star on all three Elk Valley Health Care facilities, but the opportunity to be the first light of a lofty $1.4 Million Dollar goal supporting a building that is needed for youth and their families across the East Kootenay."

To make a donation, visit EKFH and click on the Not Alone Campaign - Elk Valley Stars for Starlite. Learn more by tuning in October 27 at 7pm on Fernie Mayor Ange Qualizza's Facebook page live feed as she has a converstion with Calvin Domin and Tyla Charbonneau about the Stars for Starlight Campaign directly benefiting the East Kootenay Foundry initiative.