Get Inspired by the Olympics

The Olympics are an amazing display of fitness, health, determination, and talent (Go Emily!). You get to witness the elite excel in sports you may have tried yourself over the years. Hopefully you can use their inspiring stories to your advantage by being motivated to get back into sport. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Do some research to see which activities are offered in your area. You may be surprised to learn how many Olympic sports we have at the tip of our fingers. And when you find something you are interested in, sign up and commit yourself!

2. Build a base or cross train. If you are starting from scratch and want to get back into cross counry skiing, building up your cardiovascular strength and balance will facilitate a successful start. If you have a good base already, balance your new activity by cross training at the gym to keep you injury free.

3. Make some goals. Going to the Olympics may not be your goal, but any successful athlete will tell you that goal setting is one of the most important parts of training. Short term (this week, this month) and long term (this year, next year) goals should both be included.

4. Get help. Behind every athlete is at least one coach. Hiring someone to help you achieve you goals, stay injury free, help with your technique, and keep you accountable are just a few ways coaches or trainers can help.

5. Enjoy yourself. Try to find a sport or activity where you are not only enjoying the benefits of feeling stronger and healthier, but have some fun too! If you find that your new sport is stressing you out, perhaps you should look into alternatives. You may be more partial to individual sports than team sports.

6. Eat Olympic colors. A healthy diet is an important part of any exercise program. The more colors in your fruit and vegetables the better! If you are hosting any Olympic events this season, a fun and healthy addition are some Olympic colored pepper rings!

Not all of us can make it to the Olympics, but let’s remember the importance of sport and health this Olympic season! Remember, your goals do not have to be Olympic sized, but use this motivation to help you get a kick start to a new healthier you!