Best Patience in Fernie?

To me, the Best of Fernie includes exploring the endless trail networks at various speeds; being inspired to push my own physical boundaries by a wonderfully active and motivated community; 
feeling the endorphin rush and personal satisfaction of a great run/bike/ski.  

It’s been on my mind recently, however, that these things can be a double-edged sword. When your ability to do the physical activities you love is compromised, their deep entwinement in the community can become a source of negativity. Recovering from whatever is keeping you from them with patience and objectivity is difficult when your activities are so tightly wound into your identity.  

This is a story that’s told time and time again when it comes to recovering from injury. I am in the middle of the post-partum version of this story and am discovering that it is full of its own nuances and challenges.  

In reflecting on what’s made this journey difficult, I think that part of the frustration comes from wanting some sense of control. Since having my son, I’ve given up control over so many parts of my life. While it is wonderful, it is a big change. When my life has felt out of my control in the past, I’ve always had control of my body. And now that feels out of reach as well: breastfeeding and sleep deprivation have been thrown in the mix – factors which delay the healing process, but in a way that is difficult to recognize or measure.  

Meanwhile, all of the activity around me is, at times motivating, and at other times a source of frustration and misguidance. A constant reminder of my former physical self, it riles up the little Rehab Devil 
on my shoulder, who says, “Patience Shmatience,” and, “these timelines are conservative, I’m sure I can be much faster!” Whenever I listen to the little Rehab Devil, I set myself back a bit, and the physio in me just shakes her head.  

Luckily, here in Fernie we are blessed with some of the best when it comes to guiding us post-partum women through this journey. We have an amazing community of physicians, who have seen this story play out hundreds of times. We have some terrific clinicians, in particular three superb physiotherapists who specialize in pelvic health. And… I can help too! (What good is this column without at least one shameless plug, right?!) Most importantly, we have a wonderful community of women who have been through this journey themselves; who have made their own mistakes and felt their own progress.  

I will learn from their wisdom and my own mistakes, and will continue to plug away, bit by bit, at regaining strength, and finding new ways to enjoy the parts of Fernie I love so much.