February Patrol Report

The curse of the traverse…
Within the five legendary bowls at Fernie Alpine Resort also come legendary powder stashes. From Wally’s Follies, to Mars Run, all of these favorite lines have one thing in common- a traverse is required to get there. Much time is spent trying to set and maintain standard traverse lines to make these areas accessible, avoid skier collisions, and most of all preserve fall line skiing. With the introduction of roped sign lines in recent years, the use of gates has been more and more popular. Gates are breaks in the permanent rope that are opened and closed. Gates are installed at the most convenient and popular access points. The patrol would like to remind all riders that for the above mentioned reasons these gates and set traverses are to be used. Thanks for the help, and long live the fall line!

In the unfortunate event of an injury on the mountain, the fastest and safest way down the mountain is in a toboggan under the careful control of a highly skilled patroller. There are 19 toboggans in strategic locations across the resort. The bulk of the fleet is made up of orange Cascades, witch have a flat fiberglass hull with two aluminum fins, one set of steel horns, a chain break, and a tail rope. Similar to the Cascades are the Clipper Toboggans, and a brand new Traverse Toboggan. All of these toboggans are equipped with a standard set of basic first aid supplies, wrapped tightly in a blue tarp.

A recent addition to the toboggan fleet is a very specialized sled, known as an Akia. The Akia differs from a standard Cascade Toboggan in the fact that there are two sets of horns or handles - one forward, and one aft. This double handled rig requires two patrollers to safely control its decent. The advantages of this feature are most notable in deep powder, and on long traverses. When empty, the fiberglass hull and aluminum horns make this toboggan lightweight and maneuverable. Due to its high flare, and increased rocker, it is possible to carve turns with ease through the pow and gnar. Some have dubbed this Toboggan the “IKEA”, as some assembly is required from its storage configuration. The Akia is a smooth and fast ride, but hopefully, you will never have to find out. Stay in control, and stay safe

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