Travels with Sindella Sugden

The world is a strange, beautiful and sometimes harmful thing. It can give you something beautiful and take it away in seconds if you don't cherish it to your heart's content. Life is granted to us and sometimes we don't know why. There are so many problems in the world; global warning, poverty, natural disaster and war. So many view points on each problem.

Global warming could be a natural process, ever thought of that? Poverty could be broken. Natural disasters be fixed. War be forbidden. Who knows what could happen in the future if we try. While travelling on my yacht I saw people who were so poor they had to pick things out of garbage dumps. You may not want to hear it but the truth is that people are struggling to stay alive.

1 2 3 4 5, a child just died and you could not do any thing at all to save them except send money to a charity or maybe you don't even do that. Feeling guilty yet? People that I met that did not have a lot were still the most welcoming, nicest people I ever met. We have so much and sometimes we are still not happy, complaining about the food we eat and the clothes we wear, yet they have so little and always have a smile on their face. It makes me cry. Us living in fancy houses, shiny cars, going to fancy schools, and children living in shacks having to walk miles to get to school if they even have a school. Doesn't that make you sad?

And even more, look at how we treat the earth. It is suffering because of us. It protected us. It gave us resources. And how do we repay it? By hurting it and watching our world suffer. It may be natural but we are defiantly speeding it up.

I have been so many places such as Antarctica, Chile, Caribbean, Easter Island, Argentina and those are only a few. The way I look at things now will never be the same. My point of view will always be different. Now I live in Sparwood and so many things are different. I will remember the happy faces, the poverty, the smiles and the destruction and somebody says I am weird. I think if you knew what’s happening out there and if you saw what I did, wouldn't you be a bit weird too? I have seen things I wish I hadn't but I did and now my life is changed forever. For the better I think.