Questions and Wishes for Emily!

Fernie Secondary School
Good luck on home ground Emily! You are Fernie's #1!Try your best! Hi from Fernie Secondary!

Isabella Dicken Elementary School
Hello Emily, everyone at Isabella Dicken Elementary wishes you good luck at the 2010
Vancouver Olympics and will be cheering you on to the Gold! Best Wishes!

Ms. Oscienny's French Immersion Class:
Est-ce que tu as peur de heurter les barrières ou les pôles quand tu fais une course?
Non, je touche les pôles quand je fais une course. J’ai reçu beaucoup de bleues mais je n’ai pas peur! Ca fait mal un peu mais c’est plus vite comme ca.

Quelle est ta station de ski préférée pour les courses?
Ma station préférée est Fernie!!! Mais quand je fais du ski en Europe , j’aime Cortina puis St. Moritz. Cortina est en Italie dans les Dolomites. Ensuite vient St.Moritz en Suisse qui se trouve au cœur des Alpes

Combien d'heures par jour est-ce que tu t'entraines sur les pistes?
Je fais beaucoup de entrainement. En hiver, je skie presque chaque jour durant trois ou quatre heures. C’est différent en été parce que nous avons besoin de plus d’entrainement pour faire mieux! Durant l’après midi, je fais du vélo ou de la musculation ou quelque chose comme ca.

Mrs. Pidgeon’s Grade 1 Class:
CHEER! We CHEER for Emily! Good Luck!

Mrs. Arnold's Grade 5 Class:
How many years have you been skiing for?
I started skiing when I was two and a half and am now 29! Many, many years.

What do you plan on doing after you retire?
Right now I am not focusing on what will come after skiing as I have a very important couple of months ahead of me. I know that I want to try something totally different from skiing and hopefully go to university part time. I want to ski for fun too!

Are you going to move back to Fernie after you are done in the Olympics?
I don’t think that I will move back to Fernie right away but you never know! I will always come back to Fernie to ski and play. It will always be a huge part of my life.

Have you ever wanted to stop being in the Olympics for a year or two?
When you make your dream the Olympic Games, there is no time to take a break. It takes many years of hard work, dedication, and passion. It has been the most amazing journey but it is not an easy accomplishment. There are moments when I am extremely tired and feel like giving up but that feeling soon passes and ambition to achieve my dreams and goals takes its place.

What is your favorite sport?
Skiing is definitely my favourite sport but I love doing many things. In the summer I love cross country mountain biking! When I was in school I played all the school sports and loved them all so when I get a chance to play a game when I am traveling I never say no!

Miss Cervo’s Grade 2 Class:
We are proud that someone from Fernie is representing Canada at the 2010
Winter Olympic Games! Be careful and don't get hurt. Some of us are in Ski Club, FAST Racers and Ski Lessons and we hope that one day we will be great skiers just like you! We are your fans and we wish you GOOD LUCK!

Mrs. Stefano's Grade 6 Class:
How many medals have your won?
I have won 9 World Cup medals, 2 World Junior Championship medals and earned many lower circuit medals over the years.

Do you snowboard, any other activities you love?
I have snowboarded…twice and both times in Fernie! I think that I will stick to skiing as I didn’t really like all the falling! I love many sports and activities. Among my favourite are mountain biking, squash, road biking, golf, wake boarding and hiking.

How many places have you travelled and which one was your favorite ski spot?
I have travelled to six continents, all the European countries and many ski resorts! It is hard to pick a favourite outside of Fernie…but I would have to say Cortina, Italy and St.Mortiz, Switzerland.

What are your responsibilities as a famous skier?
As a successful ski racer my goal is to inspire children, adults and everyone in the middle. Being an athlete is about using the opportunities given to you in a positive way. I also try to promote physical activity, health and playing sports. And one my biggest responsibilities is to succeed in my sport!

Mrs. Fauchers Grade 2/3 Class:
We'll be watching you on TV and cheering you on!

Ms. Brown's Grade 3 Class:
What was your favorite ski run on the Fernie hill?
Lone Fir…but promise me you will keep it a secret! Just kidding.

Why did you choose to ski race?
I never really thought that I would become a “ski racer”. I just did it because I had so much fun doing it.

How old were you when you won your very first gold medal skiing?
The first gold medal that I remember winning was in 1988 after the Olympic Games in Calgary. I was competing in the Junior Olympics at the Fairmont ski hill and I was 8 years old. Heidi and Howdy (the mascots) presented the awards and I was so excited!

Why are you retiring from ski racing?
I have decided to retire from ski racing because I feel that I have given all that I have. I believe that I am as good as I ever will be and want to leave the sport while I still love it and am successful doing it.

Mrs. Anderson’s Grade One Class:
The school and community are proud of your successes and accomplishments. You are an inspiration to all upcoming athletes. We are wishing you every success in the Olympics. With special thoughts and prayers you are in our hearts. We are very proud of you!

Ms. Spergel’s Planning 10 Class:
What would you like to accomplish in the 2010 Olympics?
My goal at the Olympic Games is to be on the podium ultimately but because I am in a sport that has so many factors that I can’t control (weather, snow, visibility) the goal is to have the best run of my life. I want to cross the finish line knowing that I could have done nothing more. No regrets.

What inspired you to start skiing?
I loved skiing growing up in Fernie. It was something that I did every weekend with my friends and family. Whenever I was skiing powder or gates I would have a big smile on my face and feel right at home; that is where it all began.

Did you ever think that you would make it this far in skiing?
I never dreamed in a million years that I would be where I am today. I did it because I loved it, not because I thought that I could succeed doing it.

Did you feel intimidated by being from a small town when competing?
Definitely! I was always shy and intimidated at races outside of the Kootenays. I never thought that I could compete with the kids from Whistler; they had everything. I never thought a girl from Fernie could beat them and initially I didn’t but I persevered and the tables turned!

What is your most memorable moment in skiing and why?
I have so many memorable moments in skiing. The friends, travel, stories and adventures are endless and will forever be a part of my life. Having said that, my World Cup win was probably one of the most satisfying moments of my life alongside being on the podium twice this year in Lake Louise.

What is your diet and training schedule like?
I live a very regimented life! It is a great life but a very controlled one with a lot of scientific research and specific planning put into it. Almost every day is planned somehow. What I train, when I train, how much I train, where I stay, how I travel are just a few of the things that are planned for me daily. As for food, it is so important that you eat well. You are what you eat and in order to be in the best shape possible you need to fuel your body appropriately. Having said that, I don’t deny myself treats from time to time!

Mr. Norman’s Grade 4 Class:
Firstly, congratulations on a great year, you have made us all very proud. We know that your training, dedication, pride and competitive spirit will produce your absolute finest performance. Good Luck and GO EMILY GO!