August 2019 Astrology

The first three weeks of August will hands-down be the best times of the year, for everyone.

I have said this for a long time now, the current astrology is so rare, sacred and cleansing. I truly believe life on this planet is going through massive ascension and the change that will come from this will be legendary.

August starts will a full Leo party as the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the asteroid Juno sit in Leo (almost all the way until August 21 with the Moon shifting through other signs).

Leo rules the heart, it rules love in its most grandiose forms. When any of the major planets are in Leo, life just feels happier so having five of the planets sitting in Leo means Good Times Ahead.

Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter are all in retrograde until Jupiter goes direct August 11, while at the very same time Uranus goes retrograde. This has been another very odd theme that has happened this year: when one major planet goes direct, another one goes retrograde. The Uranian retrograde will last until January 10, 2020 and is expected to bring incredible blessings. 

August 21 makes a huge shift in energy as it moves from a Leo party to a total Virgo party (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Juno). The energy will shift from fun and jovial to grounded, reserved and very practical.

August 15 marks the full moon and August 31 brings the New Moon of Virgo.

Leo energy mixed with Aries energy is bedazzling! You will feel very aligned with your heart, living from your joy and understood. What a blessing.

The Leo-ness of this month will help lift your energy and spirits. You will want to hang out more with friends, meet new people, and be more active because of it… and have fun doing it.

Your Social Butterfly wings are extra strong this month and just like the butterfly effect, this August will cast a change that will last for years to come.

You might be overcome by such bliss that tears of joy come to you. Amazement! What wander this beautiful journey is.

Happy birthday to you! You will feel the most in your element this birthday and I can’t say much more except that it’s going to be fun times. Blessings on this trip around the sun!

Happy birthday to some of you and funny enough, the astrology allows for you to feel the most in your element, as well, this birthday. Cleanliness and perfection are truly attributes of the divine.

Thank God for the sunshine! The Plutonic Journey is not an easy one, although us Scorpios are comfortable with it. The Leo light feels warm though, really good… A nice unthawing from the Underworld.

Warm love fills your spirit! You are a sensitive soul and Jupiter going direct this mid-August month brings you moments where you might truly understand the full ascension of being totally connected. We always are, sometimes the energy just needs to clear enough to feel it.

Like Scorpio, your days can easily be on the darker, colder sides of life so the Leo vibe feels really good and your energy as a Capricorn can be compared to a higher octave of Virgo energy so the end of the month will feel strong, cleansing and very resonant for you.

You shine this month in a very balanced way as half the planets of the Zodiac sit in your direct opposing energy. It’s a good month to share your knowledge with people! Uranus, your ruling planet going retrograde might make you feel a bit more internal as this month ends.


Warm love and fun times ahead. The light of your heart shines its truth and it’s undeniable. This month warm-basked-sun-bathing moving into divine thank god-ness. How do I better word that? The theme of the past ten years just wrapped up, in the most blessed way. Thank God.