Fernie Fix Magazine

Fernie Fix June 2016

Feature artist Mary Menduk on music, poetry and diversity in art. Feature resident Ashley Retford discusses how she helps welcome new families to the community. The ab challenge is back, with Sarah Ingram and Dr. Taina Turcasso discusses diversity in health care.

Fernie Fix May 2016

The Potter's Guild: A creative community group. Feature Residents Kate Brennan and Paige Polacik on our community and the environment. Helen McAllister and Jennifer Heath are back with Down to Earth: The Next Chapter and Jeff Williams wraps up with his take on the community and nordic skiing.

Fernie Wedding Guide 2016

While Fernie has always been a popular destination for many reasons - from its world class skiing to epic mountain bike trails to an eclectic shopping district in the historical downtown - its popularity as a wedding destination grows with each year as more people are exposed to its beauty and continually growing amenities. With the Fernie Wedding Guide, we've gathered all the information you'll need, from flowers, to location to catering, our guide will help you plan your mountain wedding.

Fernie Fix Summer Guide 2016

The annual guide to all things summer, including golfing tips, how to have an amazing summer in Fernie, a guide to trail running and more. 

Fernie Fix April 2016

Feature Artist Lindsay Vallance on what lead her to pursue mask-making. Feature Resident Le-Anne Walker discusses her passion for nature and our rivers. Shelby Cain gives us a teen's perspective on the environment and Jesse Bell hits the studio with And What Apparel. 

Fernie Fix March 2016

Feature Artist Pepper Couëlle-Sterling on her passion for art and the youth. Feature Resident Courtney Haesler and Erich Leidums discuss their new outdoor venture. Shelby Cain on different types of family and Dr. Taina Turcasso with five ways to keep your family healthy.

Fernie Fix February 2016

Feature Artist Dan Worth on culinary dreams, ice cream and partnership. Feature Resident Brittany Loberg teaches us about Fernie Friends of Refugees. Jesse Bell checks out Montane with some friends and Fernie Alpine Resort's Karen Pepper with The Name Game. 

Fernie Fix January 2016

Learn about Feature Resident Katie Anderson and what moves her. Feature Artist Marla Deboon on what being brave means for her. Brendan Morgan on training for a triathlon. How to triumph over your New Year's resolution by Dr. Taina and the Fernie Fix welcomes Yann Loranger and his words on astrology.

Fernie Fix December 2015

Learn about Feature Resident Major James Hagglund and The Salvation Army. Shelby Cain reflects on what gratitude means for her. The Fernie Trails Alliance thanks the individuals and organizations who have supported them along the way. Dr. Taina Turcasso on why gratitude is good for your health. 

Fernie Fix Winter Guide 2015