Ryan Schultz

While he's always had an interest in photography for a large portion of his life, he had not made a conscious decision to “figure it out” and really explore photography until experiencing a change in physical ability.

Posted by Fix on Jan 02, 2018

Gallery Opening: Wanderlust by Jesse Bell at The Arts Station

Wanderlust is a series of photographs, a collection of visual stories, from three adventures across oceans in less than a year.

Posted by Fix on Dec 12, 2017

Raven Eye Photography

Local photographers Todd and Martina share what drives their adventures abroad. 

Posted by Fix on May 30, 2017

Henry Georgi

Twenty eight years ago I announced my intention to the world that I was going to be a freelance photographer by registering my photography business. I must admit, it’s been a wild ride ever since.

Posted by admin on Jun 29, 2012

Black and White Portraits

A CARDA dog, ready to work.
Photo by Todd Weselake

Posted by admin on Feb 27, 2012
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