Exhibit Opening: Vanessa Croome at The Arts Station

Vanessa Croome’s second show titled “Fragmented” endeavours to illustrate personal themes that have surfaced in Croome’s life in the last few years. Love, death, and family, and how they relate to one another.

Posted by Fix on Dec 19, 2017

Gallery Opening: Pru Harshan at The Arts Station

Always been interested in human nature and the impact that societal burdens and expectations have on our humanity. Growing up in India, where things are different from here in the west but not everything is different, there are always ex

Posted by Fix on Dec 13, 2017

Gallery Opening: Wanderlust by Jesse Bell at The Arts Station

Wanderlust is a series of photographs, a collection of visual stories, from three adventures across oceans in less than a year.

Posted by Fix on Dec 12, 2017

Gallery Opening: Exploring the Elk by Mark Locki at The Arts Station

M ark Locki is a landscape and travel photographer based in Fernie, BC.

Posted by Fix on Sep 20, 2017
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