Rest is a Weapon

“Rest is a weapon” is the mantra of Jason Bourne and people who “go hard” often end up recovering from overuse injury or struggling with plateaus, stress, poor sleep, poor nutrition, and bad exercise habits. AKA burnout.

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Nov 09, 2017

Ridgemont on Foot

November is a good time to reflect on the season and recharge your batteries. You never know what you are going to get for weather this month or what activities will be available. Skiing, hiking or biking, maybe all three?

Posted by Julie Kelly on Nov 05, 2017

Dash in the Dark at Stag Leap Running Co.

Meet at the old Fas (No) Gas for a fun (beside the Aquatic Centre) for a 10km loop in Montane. Dress up, head lamps and post-run beers required. A fun loop, with a few surprises along the way.

Posted by Fix on Oct 24, 2017

Take Your Practice Further with Heather Ivany

For the Curious and Serious. The mind is the brain in action, and to understand the workings of the mind, we must first understand the brain.

Posted by Fix on Sep 21, 2017

Prenatal Yoga at Essential Yoga Studio

"There is such joy in being a vessel of another person".

Posted by Fix on Sep 21, 2017

Family Yoga at Essential Yoga Studio

Join Essential Yoga Studio for fun and playful drop-in Family Yoga classes!

Saturdays from 2-3pm (all ages over 2 yrs) 

No prior yoga experience or pre-registration required.
All levels are welcome.

Posted by Fix on Sep 21, 2017

Yoga for Teen Girls at Essential Yoga Studio

Yoga for Teen Girls starting up this fall. Learn to tools to help you chill out physically and emotionally. Yoga helps to control the emotions of the teenage years as well as helping with strength building and flexibility.

Posted by Fix on Sep 06, 2017

Discover Yoga at Essential Yoga Studio

Learn how to do yoga postures correctly with other newbies! 

Posted by Fix on Sep 06, 2017

Soar Studios Grand Re-Opening

Soar Studios invites you to their grand re-opening.

Posted by Fix on Sep 05, 2017

It’s All About Balance

Quick and to the point – summer workouts truly allow you to be fit to play and do whatever you want, whenever you can. It also helps you to feel good, which is another by product of “good-sore” weekday muscles that help you stand straighter and re-balance the body for the coming weekend adventure. 

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Aug 21, 2017


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