The Iconic Photo Spots of Island Lake Contest

Share your love for Island Lake through 12 iconic photo spots for your chance to win a $1,000 travel voucher!

Posted by Fix on Jul 05, 2016

Kids' Guide to Summer

Fernie is home to a growing number of children, and is continually attracting an increasing number of families during the summer months because of the abundance of recreational activities, resources, programs and events geared towards this demographic. It’s amazing to see the array of opportunities kids have in this community, the only problem is deciding on what to do and when! 

Posted by Fix on Jun 22, 2016

Lisa Janssen and Holly Kimola

Whether it’s veggie gardens, chickens or bees, many locals are diversifying their food sources. Lisa and Holly are using their land to bring healthy food to their table. 

Posted by Helen McAlliste... on Jun 20, 2016

Come One, Come All

The Fernie Trails Alliance is faced with many challenges in meeting the expectations of everyone, and the Roll and Sole Trail Fest is just the venue where the community can get together and celebrate our differences.

Posted by Terry Nelson on Jun 18, 2016

A Guide to Novice Downhilling

What comes to mind when you hear “downhlll mountain biking?” Images of armoured-up riders, with full face helmets and goggles, covered in mud or dust going at mock speeds down steep and technical trails? It isn't just for the expert, gnarly rider.

Posted by Karen Pepper on Jun 17, 2016

Planting Trees

Back aches in subsequent days and Jesse is reminded of her feeble tree-planting attempt. Then she remember that there are 350 new trees in the ground because of her and the ache subsides. 

Posted by Jesse Bell on Jun 04, 2016

The Bugaboos

Often feeling like you're in the most amazing place in the world with mile-high cliffs, emerald-green forests, lakes so quiet you can hear ripples from the wind on their surface.

Posted by Jesse Bell on Jun 03, 2016

A Guide to Intermediate Trails at FAR

A great progression and are absolutely manageable (and fun!) for the numerous cross-country riders who want to delve into the downhill experience.

Posted by Karen Pepper on Jun 03, 2016

Summer Sports Injury Prevention

Regardless of how much you get out or your activity choice, Bob Maudie of Fernie Physiotherapy shares exercises to keep your body balanced and injury free.

Posted by Bob Maudie on Jun 01, 2016

Lawn Care

Owner of Mow and Snow, Duncan shares how you can acheive a thick green lawn, including eliminating the use of poisons. 

Posted by Duncan Maisels on May 31, 2016


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