Fred Voysey

The first thing you notice when you approach Fred Voysey's garden is the fence. For anyone who has ever had their crops decimated by wildlife, this nearly seven-foot high fence is enviable.

Posted by Helen McAlliste... on Aug 13, 2016

What is Life Without a Little Adventure?

Sooooo, what’s up?
Not too much, just moving to Mexico you know…..

Posted by Emily Pullen on Aug 10, 2016

Summer Hikes with the Elk River Alliance: Elk Lakes Provincial Park

A hike to the Petain Glacier, the source of the ribbon of life that connects all of our communities and the river that is the inspiration for our community-based water group. 

Posted by Lee-Anne Walker on Aug 06, 2016

Postcard Views

Endless choices of gorgeous mountain vistas, beautiful turquoise water and feeling like you're above the clouds. The opportunities are plentiful and we can help you get those postcard views.

Posted by Terry Nelson on Aug 01, 2016

Aaron Levesque

When Fernie first established itself as a town, many residents grew their own food. It was a matter of survival. Fast forward to today – there is a new generation of gardeners who are concerned about where their food comes from and how it is grown.

Posted by Helen McAlliste... on Jul 22, 2016

Components to a Backyard

Dream up your backyard design and bring life, beauty and colour to your yard.

Posted by Duncan Maisels on Jul 20, 2016

Power Through Collaboration

The power and structure behind an organization really comes to light when you are amongst a focus group willing to volunteer its time, expertise and energies, and work together to fulfil this objective.

Posted by Terry Nelson on Jul 19, 2016

Superhero Exercises to Build Superpowers

If there is one thing a Superhero is known for, it is superpowers. Here are five exercises you can do to improve your power. 

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Jul 17, 2016

Silver Springs

Water is a sculptor, carving out the rugged peaks, basins and ridges of the beautiful mountain landscape that we all love.

Posted by Ayla Bennet on Jul 15, 2016

A Solo Camp Adventure

Despite rain, the silence of a companionless adventure is at once frightening and fabulous.

Posted by Jesse Bell on Jul 07, 2016


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