Game On

A few steps to be aware of before you start playing in the river and getting your adrenaline going. It’s no different than dropping into Lizard Headwall, a bit of prep work goes a long way!

Posted by Gord Bunston on Jul 12, 2017

Crowsnest Mountain

Good hikes are rarely easy. Great hikes scare you. The best hikes combine sore legs, crippling fear, along with moments of despair and capability, and leave you feeling infinite.

Posted by Jesse Bell on Jul 08, 2017

Taking the High Road

Five hours in and the sun is out in full force. Your mind is whirling, your muscles are firing and your fingers are like cocktail sausages. But for some reason it feels just right. You feel strangely free. Free from everyday life, reality, decisions and time. 

Posted by Abi Moore on Jul 01, 2017

Island Lake Lodge's Iconic Photo Spots

The 7,000 acres of pristine wilderness at Island Lake provides countless hiking opportunities. Last year Island Lake started off by creating 12 Iconic Photo Spots last summer. For summer 2017 they are adding an additional 5 photo spots with unique hashtags and giving you a chance to win $100 monthly prizes.

Posted by Fix on Jun 26, 2017

Brown Town

As we watch the rivers “wake up,” we see the ice break, the first little trickle, then more flow enters and soon enough the river is high and brown, game on!

Posted by Gord Bunston on Jun 22, 2017

Fernie Lucky 7’s Loop

This month, in preparation for the first annual Fernie Lucky 7’s event taking place on June 24, we’re taking you out on the fun course set for this race!

Posted by Julie Kelly on Jun 20, 2017

Fernie Snowmobile Association at a Crossroads

By itself snowmobiling now brings in an estimated $1 Million worth of revenue into the local economy. But this apparent success has created a new challenge for the local Fernie Snowmobile Association.

Posted by Fix on Jun 18, 2017

Easy to Access Views

With the entire summer ahead, make sure to set some time aside to take in the view. These three vistas promise to reward you with new memories, unique experiences and fresh perspectives.

Posted by Christine Thompson on Jun 14, 2017

Lift Accessed Hiking with Jono Leonard

The hiking program at Fernie Alpine Resort is becoming more and more popular these days, with the recent addition of Nature Bob’s Interpretive Centre, guided nature hikes, and specialty hikes (focusing on fossils, wildflowers, or trees).

Posted by Karen Pepper on Jun 11, 2017

Mountain Magic

There are so many reasons to hike; the warm summer wind against sun-kissed skin, the aches and pains after miles of woods-walking, the bottle of red wine with girlfriends at sunset.

Posted by Jesse Bell on Jun 04, 2017


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