Coast to Coast on Two Wheels

Liz Billiama cycles from coast to coast in Canada on a roughly 7500 kmjourney, but deviating from the traditional route.

Posted by Rebecca Hall on Jan 21, 2016

Where the Wild Things Eat

Food. You can never think straight until you get something into your stomach. Thankfully Fernie's restaurant scene offers a range of cultures, tastes and experiences. In Fernie we like the best of the best.

Posted by Shelby Cain on Jan 12, 2016

New Year, New You

With the New Year here, setting goals and personal achievements are at a high. Fashion included. Solange and Zoe help you get a fresh start.

Posted by Solange and Zoe on Jan 11, 2016

Five Tips to Creating a Triumphant Fitness Year

Helping achieve your fitness goals with these secrets to success.

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Jan 06, 2016

AkemashiteOmedetouGozaimasu (Happy New Year)

Experience the culture of Japan with a Bento, a very popular single portion take-out or packed meal with this homemade recipe. 

Posted by Krissi Hyland on Jan 03, 2016

12 Months of Gratitude

After 23 months of travel, Rebecca shares her travel gratitude filled with great travel tips along the way. 

Posted by Rebecca Hall on Dec 25, 2015

Short Days and Long Night

Solange and Zoe help you get ready from the work look to party mode in this month's Beauty and Fashion in a Fix.

Posted by Solange and Zoe on Dec 23, 2015

Five Ways Gratitude Improves Health

Gratitude, be it a part of a mindfulness practice, or simply stopping and saying thank you to someone for something they have done, enriches us and betters our lives. Here's five ways in which practicing gratitude will benefit your health.

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Dec 18, 2015


The western Christmas holidays, in fact all of December, is a time when the calendar is full and with that, a full mind and belly. Learn how Krissi can keep your plate light this holiday season. 

Posted by Krissi Hyland on Dec 11, 2015

Pain Free Muscles

Now that ski season is upon us and Christmas holidays are here, it is definitely time to give your muscles some TLC! 

Posted by admin on Dec 03, 2015


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