If you're stuck in an exercise rut, then it's time for some ch-ch-ch-ch changes.

We don’t always get to control our environments, but we can always control what we put into our bodies, and good eating habits undoubtedly help us achieve our optimal level of health.

September, the end of summer, the beginning of school and the most exciting time in fashion. Get the summer clothes put away to make room for all of this season’s must-haves. And let us tell you, you’re going to need some serious space.

Fall Fashion Checklist:

1. Printed trousers
2. Oversized sweaters
3. Flare jeans
4. Suede vests and jackets
5. Sweater dresses
6. Maxi tops paired with a skinny jean or leggings
7. Lace and heavy knits
8. Chunky heeled shoes 
9. A perfect ankle boot
10. Classic pumps

September is an excellent month to return to the gym and begin preparations for the winter season. While it is not quite time to work on ski-specific exercises, the “in-between” season is a great time to re-establish back health and proper posture.

September is when life gets back to the groove of routine. Mornings get busier and by the time everyone is out the door your coffee is cold and you haven't eaten breakfast.

Look around you. We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Breathe. Enjoy the beauty, the serenity.

Finding serenity in your life truly is a holistic exercise, because it requires you to establish tranquility in every aspect of your life.

What is serenity to you? When you have no worries and can completely disconnect yet still connect within? For me, my happy place is in the stillness of nature. I am picturing a Bob Ross painting, are you with me? An earthy forest with a friendly cloud in the sky and a happy bush over there. Some days, we are stuck inside (maybe physically or mentally) and need to be still for just a moment to find a place where stillness exists. What I constantly have to remember is that it’s not about physically removing myself to be present, but finding that stillness right here, right now.

When thinking about working out, serenity doesn't usually come to mind, but ten minutes of vigorous exercise can help peak your endorphines. 

The culture around pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period is very diverse and constantly evolving, with many different moving pieces all playing a part.