Top Reasons to visit Island Lake in September

Summer has been awesome around the lodge, but September may be Island Lake's favourite month… The days are often still sunny and beautiful, while the nights are cooler, promoting a good night’s sleep. 

Posted by Fix on Sep 15, 2016

Fernie Brewing Company Fall Brews

As one season simply hints at its departure, the next fast arrives and Fernie Brewing Company fall brews are back. Seasonal returns, limited release brews and a new fresh hopped brew.

Posted by Fix on Sep 08, 2016

September 2016 Business News

Avalanche City Roller Girls hosts drop-ins this fall, Essential Yoga Studio's 30-Day challenge and Fernie's most colorful event is back.

Posted by Fix on Sep 04, 2016

Clear Your Mind, and the Rest Will Follow

More and more businesses are adopting mindfulness strategies into their operations, companies like Google, General Mills, Intel, and Goldman Sachs. The research is showing this investment leads to an improvement in innovative thinking, to better communication skills, and to more appropriate reactions to stress. 

Posted by Patty Vadnais on Aug 23, 2016

Mine Films

“Go big or go home” was instilled in Rory Hinds as a young South Africa skateboarder. An ethos that he carries through into adulthood. As a Filmmaker, Rory saw small cameras on flying machines and jumped at the opportunity to get his expensive cinema camera in the air.

Posted by Fix on Aug 22, 2016

Cheers to Charity! Goes for Gold

Fernie Brewing Co.’s “Cheers to Charity!” (CTC) program is breaking records like it’s Rio. With summer being peak beer consumption season, this popular charitable donation program has certainly raised the bar of late, creating quite the stir with some outstanding PR’s.

Posted by Fix on Aug 19, 2016

Island Lake August Update

Summer is in full swing!

Posted by Fix on Aug 16, 2016

August 2016 Business News

Island Lake's photo contest, Mine Films, Thunder Meadows Massage Therapy and Wildsight's Harvest & Feast.

Posted by Fix on Aug 12, 2016

Knowing is Half the Battle

The most successful people in the world have an incredible appetite for learning. They are always learning – whether reading books, researching reports, or experimenting.

Posted by Patty Vadnais on Jul 23, 2016

July 2016 New Business

Fernie's newest business, Ferniebnb can take care of all of the logistics of setting up and managing a rental property for you without any of the hassles, or can build a custom solution to provide only what you need.

Posted by Fix on Jul 16, 2016


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