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Posted Jan 15, 2010 by Fix

January is typically assumed as being a slower month in Fernie, a little breather after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. But after this week I will no longer believe this to be true...and I will no longer make assumptions.

Posted Jan 11, 2010 by Fix

What an amazing couple of weeks to be in Fernie. Between the mass amounts of snow falling and the variety of gatherings and adventures to partake in, the holidays were anything but dull.

Each morning we would wake, visit skifernie.com to see the snow report, and on more than one occasion be confronted with a “Monster Snow Report” of 22+ cm overnight. Smiling faces swiftly filled the town.

Posted Dec 09, 2009 by Fix

The epic weekend began with the acclaimed Ice Gala. Its second year in production, organizers Chantel Souliere and Lindsay Adams definitely took it to the next level this time around. Icy blues, silver, white and sparkling gems adorned the space. DJ's set the tone, enticing a growing crowd throughout the evening. Guests gambled their "Fernie" money, bet on prizes, purchased raffle tickets, and reveled in one of Fernie's only opportunities to dress in their swankiest outfits. Gala.jpg

Posted Nov 30, 2009 by Fix
rosemary_krista.jpg What an evening! Advertisers, writers, and photographers joined us for the beginning of the evening. We wanted to thank them for their support over the last three years. At ten the doors opened to the community and the celebration continued into the wee hours.
Posted Nov 28, 2009 by Fix
DSC00764.jpgJust three weeks ago we were biking. Yes, mostly on snow and ice with a few dry patches. Sometimes in mud and slush, which sure made things interesting. But biking all the same. It wasn’t until we realized that we couldn’t wash the multiple layers of mud off our bikes (as our outdoor water sources were turned off) that we decided to hang our two-wheel obsessions for the winter.