Best of Fernie 2012

Favourite Fernie Season 2012

  • Gold: Summer
  • Silver: Winter
  • Bronze: Fall

Best Summer Activity 2012

  • Gold: Mountain Biking
  • Silver: Hiking
  • Bronze: Water Sports

Best Winter Activity 2012

  • Gold: Skiing or Boarding
  • Silver: Snowshoeing
  • Bronze: Nordic Skiing

Best Bike Trail 2012

  • Gold: Swine Flu
  • Silver: Dem Bones
  • Bronze: Hyper Extension

Best Hiking Trail 2012

  • Gold: Heiko's Trail
  • Silver: Mount Fernie
  • Bronze: The Three Sisters

Best Ski Area at Fernie Alpine Resort 2012

  • Gold: Currie Bowl
  • Silver: Cedar Bowl
  • Bronze: Lizard Bowl

Favourite Place to Snowmobile 2012

  • Gold: Coal Creek
  • Silver: Harvey Pass
  • Bronze: Hartley Lake

Best Place to Nordic Ski 2012

  • Gold: Fernie Golf & Country Club
  • Silver: Island Lake
  • Bronze: Fernie Alpine Resort

Favourite Indoor Activity 2012

  • Gold: Swimming
  • Silver: Yoga
  • Bronze: Skating/Hockey

Best Method of Maintaining Balance/Cross Training 2012

  • Gold: Yoga
  • Silver: Swimming
  • Bronze: Weight Training

Best Method of Injury Prevention and Rehab 2012

  • Gold: Massage Therapy
  • Silver: Physiotherapy
  • Bronze: Chiropractic

Best Fernie Spa 2012

  • Gold: 901 Fernie
  • Silver: Trillium Day Spa
  • Bronze: Island Lake Spa

Favourite Hair Salon 2012

  • Gold: Sparrow for Hair
  • Silver: ET Hair Salon
  • Bronze: Blue Lime

Go to Health Product Source 2012

  • Gold: The Cottonwood Tree
  • Silver: The Good Earth
  • Bronze: Overwaitea

Best Place to Purchase Summer Gear 2012

  • Gold: The Gear Hub
  • Silver: Straightline
  • Bronze: The Ski Base

Where to Purchase Winter Gear 2012

  • Gold: The Gear Hub
  • Silver: The Ski Base
  • Bronze: Commit

Fashion Hot Spot 2012

  • Gold: Freya
  • Silver: Heaven Boutique
  • Bronze: Commit

Casual Wear Locale 2012

  • Gold: Freyja
  • Silver: Giv'er Shirt Works
  • Bronze: Heaven Boutique

Best Place for Kid's Clothing, Toys and Gifts 2012

  • Gold: Grow
  • Silver: Polar Peek Books and Treasures
  • Bronze: Extra Foods

Jewellery and Accessory Hot Spot 2012

  • Gold: Carosella
  • Silver: Freyja
  • Bronze: Giv'er Shirt Works

Best Place to Spruce Up Your Home 2012

  • Gold: Green Petal and Canadian Tire - it's a tie!
  • Silver: Carosella
  • Bronze: Home Hardware

Best Place to Stock the Fridge 2012

  • Gold: Overwaitea
  • Silver: Extra Foods
  • Bronze: Cincott Market

Best Place to Stock the Liquor Cabinet 2012

  • Gold: BC Liquor Store
  • Silver: The Tipple Cold Beer & Fine Wine
  • Bronze: Fernie Mountain Spirits

Best Place to Ger Your Goodie Fix 2012

  • Gold: Loaf Bakery and Cafe
  • Silver: Happy Cow
  • Bronze: 7-11

Best Cup of Joe 2012

  • Gold: Freshies
  • Silver: Fernie Tea & Coffee House
  • Bronze: Loaf Bakery

Favourite Place to Brunch 2012

  • Gold: The Blue Toque
  • Silver: Big Bang Bagels
  • Bronze: Loaf Bakery

Best Burger in Town 2012

  • Gold: The Brickhouse and The Northern
  • Silver: The Fernie
  • Bronze: The Parkplace Pub

Best Evening Dining Atmosphere 2012

  • Gold: Yamagoya
  • Silver: The Brickhouse
  • Bronze: Loaf Bakery and Cafe tied with The Central Local House

Finest Wine List 2012

  • Gold: Island Lake
  • Silver: Yamagoya
  • Bronze: Lizard Creek Lodge

Coolest Beer Selection 2012

  • Gold: The Curry Bowl
  • Silver: The Northern
  • Bronze: The Brickhouse

Best Cocktail Menu 2012

  • Gold: The Brickhouse
  • Silver: The Northern
  • Bronze: Island Lake

Best Venue for Live Music 2012

  • Gold: The Northern
  • Silver: The Brickhouse
  • Bronze: The Royal

Best Place to Shake Your Booty 2012

  • Gold: The Northern
  • Silver: The Royal
  • Bronze: The Fernie

Favourite Ethnic Restaurant 2012

  • Gold: Yamagoya
  • Silver: Mountain Tandoor
  • Bronze: Curry Bowl

Best Pizza in Town 2012

  • Gold: Loaf Bakery
  • Silver: Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe
  • Bronze: The Central Local House

Best Quick Food Fix 2012

  • Gold: Big Bang Bagels
  • Silver: Lunchbox
  • Bronze: Freshies

Best Place to Send the Family 2012

  • Gold: Parkplace Lodge
  • Silver: The Best Western
  • Bronze: Red Tree Lodge

Best Place to Send Friends on a Budget 2012

  • Gold: The Raging Elk Hostel
  • Silver: Super 8 Motel
  • Bronze: Snow Valley Motel

Best Way To Spend $20 2012

  • Gold: A BIg Bang Bagel and cup of coffee.
  • Silver: Burger and beer night at The Northern
  • Bronze: Catch a movie at the Vogue Theatre

Best Place For People Watching 2012

  • Gold: Any patio or window seat in downtown Fernie.
  • Silver: The plaza at Fernie Alpine Resort
  • Bronze: At a Fernie Ghostriders Hockey Game

The Social Event of the Year 2012

  • Gold: Wapiti - Fernie's Music Festival
  • Silver: Fernie Lion's Club Demolition Derby
  • Bronze: The Griz Days

The Best Sport Event 2012

  • Gold: The TransRockies Mountain Bike Stage Race
  • Silver: The Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam
  • Bronze: Fernie Tears & Gears

Best Reason for Living in Fernie 2012

  • Gold: Community
  • Silver: The great outdoors
  • Bronze: The lifestyle

Best Reason for Visiting Fernie 2012

  • Gold: Skiing or Boarding
  • Silver: Mountain Biking
  • Bronze: The community

Best Fernieism 2012

  • Gold: The 20cm Rule (As in, if it snows 20cm businesses have the right to close to enjoy fresh powder!)
  • Silver: Fernie Time (As in, perpetually late.)
  • Bronze: No Friends on a Powder Day (As in, don't expect people to wait for you when mass amounts of white fluffy stuff is falling and fresh lines are awaiting.)

Best First Date 2012

  • Gold: Head for a bike ride or ski, and follow with dinner at Yamagoya.
  • Silver: Go for a hike at Island Lake, and complete the day with dinner at the lodge.
  • Bronze: Enjoy a movie at the Vogue Theatre.