Apres Ski at FAR

After a day full of tough decisions - Snake or Red Tree? Concussion or Easter? Mini or Mighty? – it doesn’t seem fair that you have to make yet another pivotal decision, that could truly make or break your day. Where to après? It’s a tough one and with an increasing number of choices of where to rest your weary limbs and reward that well-oiled machine of yours, it can really mess with your mind. So, a we’ve decided to lend you a helping hand and lead you to safety, to ensure that your après can feel as good as the pow…

The Griz Bar

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February Patrol Report

The curse of the traverse…

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Rodents: Gnawing or Awesome Creatures?

Floating through powder, turns rhythmic, in the zone, I am startled by a voice above. “Watch out for the … porcupine!” What? Did he say porcupine? My naturalist senses kick into action and above me, within spitting range, crossing the bottom of Boomerang is a blunt faced, waddling bundle of long spiky hairs.

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Fernie at the Olympics

With the 2010 Winter Olympics about to start in Vancouver Fernie will be temporarily losing some of its residents as they head to the coast to become a part of history.

Catching the limelight will be our very own Olympian – Emily Brydon – going for gold in the women’s Super Combined, Downhill and Super-G. Joining Emily behind the scenes will be a host of Fernie residents, all Olympians in their own field of work, having been hand picked from thousands of applicants or invited to work for their professional expertise.

Jill Barclay – Goldstar Cleaning Services

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The Nature of Gold

The events of history often revolve around a search for gold.

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Questions and Wishes for Emily!

Fernie Secondary School
Good luck on home ground Emily! You are Fernie's #1!Try your best! Hi from Fernie Secondary!

Isabella Dicken Elementary School
Hello Emily, everyone at Isabella Dicken Elementary wishes you good luck at the 2010
Vancouver Olympics and will be cheering you on to the Gold! Best Wishes!

Ms. Oscienny's French Immersion Class:
Est-ce que tu as peur de heurter les barrières ou les pôles quand tu fais une course?
Non, je touche les pôles quand je fais une course. J’ai reçu beaucoup de bleues mais je n’ai pas peur! Ca fait mal un peu mais c’est plus vite comme ca.

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Featured Community Events

Fernie Women’s Centre Monday Drop-in
The Fernie Women’s Centre is running a drop-in for girls only! Mondays from 3-5 PM will be for girls in grades nine and up. Wednesdays from 3-5PM will be for girls in grades seven and eight. Snacks and munchies will be provided.

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RRSP Contributions

March 1, 2010 …for some it will be a great day on the slopes, a birthday, an anniversary, another day at work and for others, the disappearance of the little black cloud that has been hanging over their heads because they will have made the final contribution to their RRSPs for the 2009 tax year.

Of course most of you already know about this deadline but I thought I would take the opportunity to bring a few key terms to your attention since these RRSPs affect us differently during the course of our lives.

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Widows of Hamilton House by Christina Penner

Christina Penner’s Widows of Hamilton House is both a postmodern ghost story and a postmodern romance. Expect nothing typical. Penner’s beautifully rendered novel leads readers to re-examine their most staid notions of love, family, science, and spirituality. In fact, Widows of Hamilton House challenges our confidence in language itself. In Christina Penner, we find a writer who doesn’t trust words.

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February Business News

Beavertail Lodge B&B 4507 Timberline Crescent, 250-423-2673

Beavertail Lodge has re-opened as a traditional bed and breakfast offering visitors very comfortable accommodation and truly delicious, hot breakfasts. Hosts, Wells and Karen Marshall hail from the Northwest Territories and have brought true northern hospitality to the B&B: a friendly, relaxed atmosphere enhanced by homemade baking.

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Matty Westcott and Joel Whalen are Extra.Ordinary.

Matty Westcott

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In 1993 Hollywood produced the movie Philadelphia. It was a film about Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), a gay lawyer at a prestigious law firm, who was wrongfully dismissed because he has AIDS.

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Clearing the Streets of Fernie

I’m lying in bed and it’s pitch black outside. I’ve been woken up by my Fernie winter alarm, which puts a smile on my face. That sweet sound of a bomb blast rattling the windows, which means it snowed last night and the patrollers are bombing the hill.

Then I heard a second sound that gets me out of bed. It’s the “beep….beep….beep” of a reversing snow plough. That’s my queue to get up because THAT means it snowed a lot and if I want to get first tracks I’ve got some shoveling to do before I can get up to the hill.

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The Wooden Sky

It’s not difficult to see how life in a band is a lot like a marriage. There needs to be certain chemistry between members. Life on the road and the creation of music involves decision-making and compromises for the good of all players, and it’s pretty difficult to continue happily when there isn’t a shared vision of the future. It’s not difficult to see because it is the relationship between people.

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Fernie Loves Film February!

Like a lot of great ideas, the Fernie Mountain Film Festival was conceived on a skiing trip and born just four months later after an intensive planning process. Four years on, Brian Bell is blown away by the support and interest he’s seen in the festival. He says that selecting the films is still a lot of fun and the possibilities are endless.

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