A “Walk” in the Park

Now that summer is nearly here, many of you are probably supplementing your gym workouts with some outdoor running, walking, and playing. Here are some exercises that you can incorporate into your workout using just a park bench, picnic table or even a log on the trail to boost your workout! These exercises can be done on their own or in the middle of a run or walk. Start by walking or jogging for at least five minutes to get warmed up before performing the exercises.

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Racers' Corner - Dr. Mike Rumpel, Mountain Biker


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Putting, the Early Season Edge by Kylan Borton, CPGA Professional FGCC


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Defining Community by Place, Plants, and People’s Passion

“What community are you from?” When asked this common question how do you answer? I typically say, “I was born in Saskatchewan, raised in Springbank, studied in Edmonton/Victoria, but since 1983 I have lived in the Elk Valley/Crowsnest Pass.”

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A Dad’s Perspective by Scott Dressler


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Your Liveability Index by Amanda Ridgway

Quality of life. What does that mean exactly? And how do you measure it to ensure that you keep it, or better still, improve it over time.

For an individual it would be easy. I made Fernie my home because of the people, the amazing mountains I wake up to every morning, and because I get to do the things I love, just stepping out my front door, everyday. I know it gets better because I have ongoing and increasing opportunities to do these things.

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Fernie Search and Rescue

With the seasons changing on a daily basis this spring it’s a sharp reminder to be prepared for anything when venturing into the Fernie outdoors. Whether it’s consideration about the animals I might encounter on the trails, the weather that might change or the terrain I might cross, I can never be certain it will actually be just a stroll in the woods.

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Vanessa Raber


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Fernie Loves Local Film

People from small towns often migrate to cities in search of things; excitement, opportunity, wealth...What often brings them back is the sense of community that is so hard to find in the concrete jungle.

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Mi Casa es Su Casa!

If you are involved with any of the many community-enhancing groups in Fernie—from The Arts Station to Fernie Search and Rescue—you know how much local businesses are asked to lend a helping hand.

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Photos that Embody Community


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Whip It!

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Too Bad: Sketches Toward a Self-Portrait by Robert Kroetsch


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Feature Artist - Kyle Hamilton

For me, photography is something that has just kind of happened. Sure, I used to flip through old National Geographic magazines and think how cool it would be to take the photos I saw, or wonder how I could get into Powder Magazine, but that was because I wanted to be a professional skier; I never really thought of being a professional photographer.

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To Incorporate or Not

Usually, business owners begin their businesses as sole proprietors or partnerships. Then, after a few years of being in business they ask themselves whether or not they should incorporate.

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