Career Planning

This past month I started my last year of high school and a question I am constantly asked is what my plan is for my career. I am sure that other seniors can identify with the feeling of being unceasingly reminded that your future holds no certainty. Of having a long stream of questions boil up from their place, constantly lurking at the back of your mind. Every time I am asked that loaded question, the following is the general thought process that goes through my mind.

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Fernie Foodies

The Fernie Women’s Resource Centre has been busy lately with a fundraiser that showcases the diversity of our community and will appeal to local foodies. Fernie Foodies, a cookbook that was the brain child of board member Judith Johansson, has taken on a life of its own since its inception.

“The number of local people who submitted recipes and offered to help out was phenomenal,” says assistant coordinator of the Women’s Centre, Lauren Fox. “The response was overwhelming and inspiring all at the same time!”

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Underwater Creatures, Cool Measures of Quality

Water in the Elk River will never look the same to me. Under that glassy clear surface are cool critters. Without a backbone, large enough to see with the naked eye, these larval stage insects live in this watery world for weeks, years or for their entire life.

Last month I mucked about in an urban creek taking Streamkeepers training. Amongst the discarded bicycles wedged in river sediment and rusting shovelheads were wriggling, crawling creatures on the rocks, floating in the water and trapped in the river gravels.

Posted by Lee-Anne Walker on Oct 29, 2010 in Outdoors

Racers' Corner - Caleb Brown, Free Skier

Racers’ Corner is back, and this time with athletes pursuing winter athletic endeavors. Caleb Brown is our first featured racer and our youngest to date. He’s currently climbing the ranks among free skiers and making a name for himself on the circuit, and caught our eyes last year after having a stellar year.

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Local Hockey - The Ghostriders

Most people come to Fernie for the snow. With an average snowfall of almost 30 feet a year one could see why. The population can double in size in the winter with eager skiers and boarders from various parts of the world, and they all come to experience Fernie pow. What they also find while here are some of Fernie’s other hidden treasures; warm friendly people, amazing restaurants, great local watering holes, jobs that let you come to work late when it snows...and one of Fernie’s greatest treasures the Fernie Ghostriders.

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Your'e So Talented

Have you heard that said about you, or are you more likely to say it about someone else?

Do you believe some people are born with a gift?

Before you make up your mind about your child’s ability, lend an ear…

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Avalanche Dogs

The first flurries of snow are making their presence known on the mountains and with winter in mind I would like to honor some of my favorite unsung heroes - our four-legged friends the dog. Specifically Lily, Mojo, Farley and Tarn.

During my first season in Fernie I took lots of time to make myself ‘snow aware’, taking a recreational avalanche course, talking to experienced skiers and getting information from ski patrol.

Posted by Kirsty Morris on Oct 29, 2010 in Community

Chantel Souliere and Lindsay Adams

On the first weekend of December people in town are busy trying to find outfits and accessories for THE winter event in Fernie… if they secured a ticket that is. It started with the Red & Black Gala in 2008.

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Art and the Environment

I’ve been looking forward to November for ages. As soon as I first heard about the special event that’s being planned for this month way back in June I thought it was a great fit for November, which may seem to some like an entire 30 days of the witching hour. As darkness descends on Fernie and we watch the snow flicker and fall, what better way to bring the light into our lives than with a lantern festival?

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Through the Lens - Dirt Diggler Photo Shootout Special with Todd Weselake

The 5th Annual Dirt Diggler DH fall classic fell on a true Fernie fall day - fresh snow, fog, windy and wet. Pretty much the perfect set up.

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Mr. Bean's Holiday

Mr. Bean, man-child, mini-enthusiast and pop-culture icon, first graced British TV screens on January 1, 1990. His television show, simply called Mr. Bean, ran for five years and showed his ability for getting into trouble doing everyday tasks such as going to church and going shopping. It gained a large UK audience pulling in 18.74 million viewers for the 1992 episode The Trouble with Mr. Bean.

What makes Mr. Bean so appealing?

Posted by Andrew Vallance on Oct 29, 2010 in Art and Entertainment

Here and Gone: New & Selected Poems by Don Johnson

I meant to recommend Here and Gone for its vivid and moving depictions of fishing. Poems about fly-fishing, thought I, this book is made for Fernie readers! But when I sat down to write my column, I found myself consumed, instead, with thoughts of death. Death and life are everywhere in these poems, which shouldn’t be a surprise: poems are always about life and death. However, I’ve never seen the two placed so starkly together. In poems absolutely teeming with life, the presence of death is, every time, uncomfortable and startling.

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Editor's Fix - Recommendations for Fernie Newbies!

I may have grown up in Fernie, but when I moved back after being away nearly ten years I felt like a newbie. There was a large portion of Fernie’s population that I had never met, who were being referred to as the “New Locals”.

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November New Business

Happy Pets & House Sitting,, 250-425-5754

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November Business news

Just Pizza, 362 2nd Ave 250-423-9277

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