March 2016 Editor's Fix

Discovering we may be a piece of a puzzle that makes up a community that, together with other communities, make up a city.

Posted by Fix on Mar 03, 2016 in Community

Griz Days Celebrations

Griz Days is Fernie's biggest winter festival, honoring the legendary Griz. This year's theme embraces the diversity that has come to make up Fernie and the Elk Valley and at the same time greets the world traveler that visits us for the outdoor activities.

Posted by admin on Mar 02, 2016 in Community

March 2016 Horoscopes

March is a crucial month. Find out what Yann forsees for your astrology sign.

Posted by Yann Loranger on Mar 02, 2016 in Community

February 22, 2016 Council Connection

Discussions on the Fernie Affordable Housing Strategy, Community Wildfire Protection Plan and agreements and polices.

Posted by admin on Feb 24, 2016 in Community

Close Friends

Realizing your not much different from your five-year-old self when it comes to choice of who your friends are.

Posted by Shelby Cain on Feb 24, 2016 in Community

Travelling Out of the Comfort Zone

Travelling alone is brave. Travelling outside of our normal, outside of our comfort zone, takes courage, but doing so alone adds a level of bravery.

Posted by Adam K. MacDonald on Feb 20, 2016 in Community

Find That Phone

We've all done it: misplaced our phone. These days losing your phone can be a borderline catastrophe.

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Feb 20, 2016 in Community

Taking Charge of Your Side

Emotion has the power to overrule mind and reason. Here are four rules to keep in mind when you send someone a message, comment on a picture, or spread your opinion.

Posted by Micah Morris on Feb 10, 2016 in Community

Brittany Loberg

Looking for ways to volunteer within the community sparked the start of Fernie Friends of Refugees, an organization committed to advocating for and sponsoring refugees to the community of Fernie.

Posted by admin on Feb 08, 2016 in Community

Island Lake in Winter

Island Lake offers its Winter Lunch and Spa specials every year, and this year they extended the schedule and reduced the price to make it more accessible to the many interested in this treat. Running Thursday to Sunday throughout the entire winter season, a snowcat ride and lunch is $69/person with spa treatments available as ad ons. Children 4-12 receive 50% off and toddlers under three are free.

Posted by admin on Feb 04, 2016 in Community

February 2016 Horoscopes

February has its own colour in this matter of revealing openly each one’s own interests. This month, our feminie side is under the spotlight.

Posted by Yann Loranger on Feb 02, 2016 in Community

February 2016 Editor's Fix

In a month where a commercial holiday is right smack in the middle, our Editor reminds us how we can celebrate those we love.

Posted by Fix on Jan 30, 2016 in Community

January 25, 2016 Council Connection

CBT Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs, agreements, licences and other notes from this edition of City Council.

Posted by admin on Jan 29, 2016 in Community

Keeping Track

Well, it's a new year, which means resolutions. Another arbitrary date conveniently positioned to hang plans on. Of course goals and plans are very dependent on one's ability to keep track of progress.

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Jan 24, 2016 in Community

Thanks, Coach

Being a teenager is full of triumphs and failures. Being a teen can be tough.

Posted by Adam K. MacDonald on Jan 23, 2016 in Community