Spoke-Lore, The Evolution of Biking in Fernie by Laura Nelson

THIS AUGUST 7 the Fernie Museum is launching a biking exhibit alongside the TransRockies celebrations and Fernie Mountain Bike Guide book launch. Here is a sneak peak of some of the intriguing gear, individuals and races Fernie has celebrated over the years.

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It's Now What You Do, But How You Play

A couple of Saturdays ago, Leeroy Stagger and the Wildflowers played The Art Station as the last stop on their national tour. I dragged out a friend who’s been housebound for several months with the promise of great music. Leeroy did not disappoint and the small crowd kept him going for a good half an hour, maybe 45 minutes after his ‘last song’.

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Bear Aware

Having lived in Britain for most of my life, where the most dangerous thing you’ll encounter in the wild is a badger, I have to admit that the prospect of having a bear wander into my Fernie garden was a bit alarming!

Last fall, I had the good fortune to meet Sarah Smith, Elk Valley Bear Aware Coordinator. When I asked her advice on how I could be a good bear neighbor she kindly offered to educate me with a night reconnaissance to Elkford.

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Resident Profile - Kurt Adams

Kurt Adams is a name you probably know if you’re a keen biker in Fernie. He’s been involved in the Fernie Mountain Bike club over the years and has been el presidente for the last two to three. While you may realize this, you may not realize the amount of time and effort Kurt and others involved dedicate to the mountain bike community.

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Coming Out

The ski area closed with stacks of snow left high on the hill. The bottom devolved to a chaotic exercise in broken snow skiing, while the top remained stellar. The last two days of operation were 20-degree gifts of springtime. Digging out shorts. Finding sandals. Hanging out in the Plaza and watching great fiddle and a crowd celebrating the last of the year. Cold nights followed by warm days made all the warmer by five months of winter.

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Fernie's Street Cleaners

Apparently Kirsty Morris, the inventor and author of Unsung Heroes, thought I needed to start my day a little earlier. I wasn’t so sure, but agreed nonetheless to track down a Fernie Unsung Hero of the Street Cleaner variety. Or should I say Beautification Attendant. That’s how Adam McNaughton, a Fernie resident and dedicated sweeper, shovel’r and pick-er up’r describes himself and his vital role that he unfailingly performs here in the heart of Fernie.

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Resident Profile – Melissa Fleischacker

Like many in our community, Melissa Fleischacker moved to Fernie from Ontario (Thunderbay) after finishing University. She got a job travelling across Canada as a support crew for Cycle Canada. “I knew I wanted to go somewhere west, but hadn’t picked a place yet. I didn’t want to go as big as Whistler or Banff. I thought maybe Golden, but when we arrived I thought it was too small. So I kept my ear out and knew people that had come to Fernie and thought I would try it out.”

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June Featured Events

I’ve really enjoyed my winter of film- from attending Think Tank screenings and the amazing Fernie Mountain Film Festival (Nature Propelled blew me away) and helping to organize the Indie Films circuit and the Reel Canadian Film Festival (if you still haven’t seen Cole, all I can say is- why not?) and finally last month, bringing Creston film Lovers in a Dangerous Time to Fernie. Now I’m looking for something new to try for the summer. I’ve walked or cycled past the Disc Golf Course in James White Park many times and thought I should try it out, so that seems like a good place to start.

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A Dad’s Perspective by Scott Dressler


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Your Liveability Index by Amanda Ridgway

Quality of life. What does that mean exactly? And how do you measure it to ensure that you keep it, or better still, improve it over time.

For an individual it would be easy. I made Fernie my home because of the people, the amazing mountains I wake up to every morning, and because I get to do the things I love, just stepping out my front door, everyday. I know it gets better because I have ongoing and increasing opportunities to do these things.

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Fernie Search and Rescue

With the seasons changing on a daily basis this spring it’s a sharp reminder to be prepared for anything when venturing into the Fernie outdoors. Whether it’s consideration about the animals I might encounter on the trails, the weather that might change or the terrain I might cross, I can never be certain it will actually be just a stroll in the woods.

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Vanessa Raber


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Fernie Bottle Depot

Recycling is high on the priority list in my household. I have the ‘Blue Bag’ system for the recyclables that the City collects from our doorstep every other week. I have a compost bin in the garden and the wine, beer and milk containers collect in the garage until I do a run to the Fernie Bottle Depot.

I might make the trip to the Fernie Depot once a month and it’s always a hub of activity. I think the only time I’ve passed the Depot with no one there is when they close on a Sunday and Monday. On any other day of the week they always seem to be busy.

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Janet Kuijt

Janet Kuijt is one of Fernie’s first transients, arriving in 1991 alongside the first Australian ski bums to grace our slopes.

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Featured Community Events - April

Cross Country Ski Lunch, April 3
Before you put your cross country skis away for the year there is still one more even that you don't want to miss. On Saturday, April 3 the end of year fun race and lunch is happening at Island Lake Lodge. This event will include a ride up and down in a snowcat, a relay race around the lodges for kids, a race around the lake for adults, and a delicious lunch provided by Island Lake Lodge. Plus there will be prizes! The Schedule is as follows:
10:00 am snowcats leave from the parking lot to bring people up to the lodge
11:00 am kids race starts

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