June 2014 Business News

501 1st Ave

Infinitea is very excited about launching its new summer tea- and coffee-based cocktail menu, fresh food menu and two new custom tea-flavoured ice creams from Happy Cow this June 1. Also, Infinitea will have its street patio set up, which will have an enchanted garden theme and will be licensed until 10pm.

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June 2014 New Business

Tamara Dunn Nutrition
1561A 10th Ave

Tamara Dunn Nutrition has recently opened an office in Vitality Body & Mind. Tamara is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, ON.

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Flood Risk and the Law

It is spring in Fernie, which means waiting for the trails to melt and watching the Elk River and Coal Creek rise. With recent events in the news like the Washington landslide and the Alberta floods last year, I figured Fernie Fix readers would be interested in some information about the legal considerations surrounding the inherent flood risk in the Elk Valley. I’ve asked Jeff Zukiwsky, an Environmental Planner, to answer a few questions for us.

Who is responsible for flood Management?

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May 2014 Business News

Avalanche City Roller Girls
Fernie’s roller derby team has been enjoying amazing results, including a recent second place achieved at the “Spudtown Knockdown” in Boise, Idaho this April. The team looks forward to continuing its success moving into this spring and summer.

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May 2014 New Business

Crowsnest Coffee Company

Crowsnest Coffee Company is an artisan coffee roaster located in the Crowsnest Pass, AB. Owners Troy and Christine Misseghers have a love of the outdoors and a passion for roasting beans that evolved out of the relentless pursuit of a great cup of coffee to fuel their adventures.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Although it’s not an area of the law in which I practice, in the spirit of fitting in with the green-themed edition (and also because I care about our environment) here I am writing about “green” laws. Before I wrote this article, I was vaguely aware that the Federal Government made some big change to environmental law legislation lately and so that is where I turned my attention.

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April 2014 New Business

Iron Creek Catering Company

Red Seal accredited Chef and owner of Iron Creek Catering Company, Matt Sorochuk, offers a unique dining experience within Fernie and its surrounding areas. Chef Matt has been a resident of Fernie for almost a decade and is thrilled to provide a higher end catering service to the valley.

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April 2014 Business News

Flight Centre Associates
Amy Hare started her home-based travel agency with Flight Centre in 2008 and is excited to expand her business with the addition of Dee Hatina. Dee has worked as an international travel consultant and manager with Flight Centre Australia for almost 19 years. Along with her experience, she also brings professionalism, efficiency and knowledge in all facets of the travel industry.

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Access to Justice

Access to justice refers to people getting legal assistance when they need it. It is usually lower income persons who are left out of having access to justice because they simply can’t afford it. The knee-jerk reaction is to blame lawyers for access to justice issues, but, is it the lawyers’ faults? While nearly everyone reading this article may point out that I am biased, the problem is much more complex than pointing the finger only at lawyers.

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References – Your Personal Employment Health Report

During the recruiting process an employer is focused on making a good hiring decision. Their goal is to find a well-suited and highly qualified job candidate. This is not an easy decision. They have a small window of time and limited opportunity to learn about each job candidate.

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March 2014 Business News


AFRoS, the francophone association of the Southern Rockies, invites you to FrancoFest, a celebration of the Journée internationale de la Francophonie (International Francophone Day). Whether French is your mother tongue or just how you like your fries, check out this family-friendly evening of films, music, food and drink at the Arts Station, March 20, 6-9pm. Singer-songwriter Kathleen Décosse will perform live.

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March 2014 New Business

Lysh Hair Salon
461 2nd Ave

Lysh Hair Salon recently opened in downtown Fernie, and is a boutique salon offering something for everyone whether it’s for a quick haircut, complete hair makeover or a bridal session.

Enjoy modern luxuries such as massage chairs in their waiting area, complimentary beverages and snacks, and watching HDTV at hair station. A courtesy “before and after” photograph is offered with any service provided. A free make up refresher is available after receiving any color treatment.

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Creating a Little Love

Much attention in the world of employment tends to focus on skill building. This is essential to your ability to obtain a job and will impact your ability to maintain and sustain employment; however, during this month of “love” let us focus instead on the role of values in the workplace. I promise not to descend into ballads.

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There are all kinds of relationships: romantic, friendly, good, bad, unhealthy and… legal! Indeed, most people are involved in some type of legal relationship, or a contract, everyday. A contract is a legally binding agreement and can exist whether or not it is in writing. For example, every time you buy a coffee, you have entered into a contract, the terms of which are that the vendor will give you the coffee of your choice and you will pay for the coffee.

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February 2014 Business News

College of the Rockies Fernie Campus
342-3rd Ave

A three-week training program is being offered by The College of the Rockies, Fernie Campus, in partnership with Teck. The goal of the program is to introduce women to careers available within the surface coal mining industry.

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