Elk Valley Gymnastics

Gymnastics as a sport has been around for over 2000 years. It is a complex sport that requires physical strength, endurance, power, flexibility, agility, coordination, grace and balance. All physical attributes that would translate well into other sports and assist young kids in body awareness, self-confidence, resilience, and bravery. Gymnastics is the only organized sport in which you can enroll your child in prior to the age of three and judging from all the new littles in our town, this is extremely beneficial. Not only does gymnastics teach fundamentals such as rolling and falling safely, it encourages kids to play. Knowing the caliber of young athlete’s we have in Fernie it comes as no surprise to know many of them are involved in gymnastics and we are very fortunate to have the Elk Valley Gymnastics Club (EVGC) in our town.

Formed in 2016 as a not for profit organization and ran by a parent board, the EVGC is the first GymBC certified club in the Elk Valley. This past fall they recruited Level 3 technical certified Coach and Manager Erin Hipkiss to head up their program. Born in a small town in Northern BC, Hipkiss had seen firsthand what it was like to fundraise, share space and grow a sport in a small town. Having been in Vancouver for the past while once she came to Fernie she felt like she was home again and this was where she was meant to be. She is a super passionate and energetic young lady, one who not only has an extensive background in Gymnastics but also in Wakeboarding and is an avid snowboarder. She along with colleague Christina Leighton and part-time coaches Mim Evans and Hannah Sullivan, oversee the programming and administration for the club and its over 170 members. 

Currently EVGC is housed in the converted library of the Max Turyk school. They make the most of their small space as they offer classes for toddlers to teens, six days a week including classes in Parkour. However, perhaps as a victim of their own success, they are bursting at the seams. Their Senior competition team is travelling to Cranbrook to ensure they can get in training in a large enough space to accommodate their tricks and routines and the club would love to expand some of their programs to see even more of the community able to enjoy this amazing sport. EVGC is always looking to work and cooperate with other sports as they realize there is an overall shortage for training space for all organizations.

Gymnastics is a foundational sport and one that EVGC strives to promote to also enhance and improve physical literacy for those involved in other popular sports in Fernie; skiing, snowboarding, biking and hockey to name a few. They know that strong kids build a strong community and we are so fortunate to have a place in Fernie for our kids to build strength and grow. We hope in the future this organization, its programs and space can also continue to grow.

Check out http://elkvalleygymnastics.ca or their facebook page for more information.