Janet McIntyre

Art & Entertainment

There is a fluidness to metal. With hand tools, I become a shape shifter with loops and bends. The wire is the line by which I draw. Blending the hardness of metal with the soft edges of beads, feathers or water-worn glass inspires me to create unique earrings and necklaces. The patterns of movement from manipulating wire is my way of expressing my creativity. It is a very organic process.

Pieces form as I pick up the objects or beads. No drawings are made before hand. They become tiny sculptures that are original and unique. Each individual piece is different. It’s a transformation process of raw material. It’s a passion I’ve pursued for many years.

Wire wraps, loops and bends to forms shapes. My shapes resemble the roundness of a full moon on an evening ski, or the long straight lines of the tracks while snowshoeing. Triangles like the peaks and the slopes that envelop me are evident in my jewelry pieces.

My first introduction to jewelry was at ACAD as a drawing major and sculpture minor. I took an elective in jewelry making. Studying at NAIT Interior Design Technology also built my foundation of the principles of design. There is an architectural slant in each of my pieces. My jewelry has ben exhibited at the Art Walk, The Gathering, shops in Fernie, personal and group shows. Most recently my work has been displayed at Hearth, which is a collaborative art show highlighting Fernie artists.

I am honoured when friends ask me to create a piece of jewelry for them. Their requests range from wired flowers to fish. I love the challenge of creating something personal. A specific piece that captures that person. Requests often lead to further inspiration.

I am a great collector of pocket size treasures. Relationships are formed between my found treasures of shells, stones, animal teeth, quills, feathers and wood. I enjoy working with recycled beads.

I also explore my love for typography, which I acquired while working in the sign industry in Calgary. I design greeting cards, logos and invitations. Manipulation of type and font on the computer allow me to alter the shapes. This parallels the fluidness of working with metal.

The natural beauty of Fernie inspires me everyday. I love the rhythm of Fernie: the change of seasons, the variations of light, and the diverse outdoor activities. I marvel at the beauty and patterns in my environment. This natural landscape inspires me to seek new treasures on the valley floor and mountain ranges. I think about the forest, the vegetation and the people who have come and gone. The forces of nature have had a significant impact and continuously shape this valley. All of these environmental elements influence me as an artist.

In Fernie I have found a diverse group of people. As I look through back issues of the Fix, I am humbled to be included in this thriving art community. Artists who have amazing dedication to their art and community. I am grateful for the artists who have encouraged me to create.