Anita Braconnier

Art & Entertainment

My interest in photography began at a young age when I got my first camera, a Kodak instamatic; I started taking pictures of everything and everyone I loved it, and I still do. I would babysit and use the money to buy film cartridges and flash cubes then patiently wait for the film to be developed to see how the pictures turned out. This excitement and curiosity led to a lifelong passion for the art of photography.

For a while, photography was set aside until my husband and I bought a new Pentax 35mm. This once again sparked my interest, and a few years later for Christmas my husband surprised me with my first digital camera. Now, I needed to learn how to use this new technology so I started by attending local photography classes, doing tutorials online and learning everything I could about photography. I am still learning today, with a couple more cameras and lenses in my equipment bag, and an even greater curiosity and appreciation for the creative art of photography. And thanks to the digital age I don’t have to wait and wonder if I got the shot.

Living in Fernie allows me to spend hours behind the lens in the outdoors. I love grabbing my gear and going for a drive early in the day when the light is just right and capturing images of the natural environment we live in. But taking the pictures is only part of it, the images then get loaded onto my computer and the editing process begins. This is where the translation happens before sharing a glimpse of the world as seen through my eye, revealing what can at times be taken for granted or go unseen. There are endless photographic opportunities in the Elk Valley as we are surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and wildlife, along side the historical downtown. We have the ability every day to look around and see something new and fresh, feeling an appreciation for the environment within which we live.

I prefer candid photography for photo sessions and weddings. I like to try and capture a more natural portrayal of expressions, personality and mood, the intimate and happy moments. As a photographer, it’s very gratifying when a viewer can connect with one of my images and can see the story, as every picture has a story to tell.

Since September 2014, I have been a working member at the Fernie Arts Coop where my photography is on display. I have met some amazingly talented artists from our community and I consider myself lucky to have learnt so much more about the art world from local artists who love to share their knowledge and talk about their work. My work has been published in Our Canada magazine, I’ve also been mentioned and published in an online edition of the Canadian Geographic magazine during Paddler`s Week, and am now attempting to write about myself as April’s featured artist in the Fernie Fix! What a great honour and opportunity to share a bit of my story and my interests and passion for photography.

I find photography to be ever changing as is my growth, knowledge and creative style. It’s a never ending learning process. To be able to do what you love, is to love what you do.... for me it`s a love for the art of photography and capturing visual feelings that the heart will forever remember.