Beulah Limber

Beulah is an amazingly creative woman who combines a love of quilting, carving and painting in her vast array of talents. She was born in 1934 – the tenth of 13 children in Township 43 – west of the second meridian near Tisdale, Saskatchewan. Her roots in this large farming family forever impacted her life – especially her love of gardening, preserving, painting, music and family.

At a very early age she began drawing in her storybooks pictures of life on the farm especially drawing clouds and animals. This love of drawing continued throughout high school until, at 16, she moved from the farm to Saskatoon and enrolled in the Lutheran College, where she took secretarial work and began working in a bank. Upon her marriage to Ken in 1960, she moved to Montreal and began raising her family, all the while taking art classes in painting and sculpture and enjoying big city life. From there, and now with her three children she moved again to Seattle, Vancouver, Grand Forks and Calgary before settling in Fernie in 1978.

Her journey with art continued and flourished in Fernie, where she has amassed an enormous amount of work – in quilting, soapstone carving and painting using watercolours, acrylics and oils. During her 30-plus years in this mountain town, she has been very active in the Quilting Guild, Visual Arts Guild and the music scene. She finds living in a smaller community inspiring, especially with all the creative people in her various guilds, and has made many lasting friendships throughout the years.

There have always been three constants in Beulah – her first constant was her family. Two of her children live in Calgary and her third lives in Salmon Arm with her two grandsons. All of her children and grandchildren have a love of music and creativity and are often seen in Fernie playing music and visiting.

Her second constant has always been music. During her 30-plus years living in Fernie, she has been heavily involved in the music scene as a performer – both solo and in groups. She has played various instruments, including the banjo and has sung in many of the local choirs. Her love of music is found in her art work – many of her paintings depict local musicians and even her quilts have a musical backdrop to them. 

Her third constant has been her artwork. Whether one of her carvings, her quilts or many paintings, they all represent her amazing creativity and extraordinary talent. The Quilt Guild has a prominent place in Beulah’s life – she is an active member and has shown many of her colourful quilts as part of their exhibits. As well, she has been a member of the Visual Arts Guild for 30 years. Her many paintings show a love of landscape, figures, movement and especially life. Beulah continues to demonstrate an amazing talent that she has pursued actively her whole life and now, even more, shows a spirit of creativity that is an inspiration to us all.

An exhibit at the Fernie Art Station entitled   -Beulah Limber-A Retrospective opened Thursday, June 29. Her paintings, quilts and soapstone carvings will be on view for the month of July. Please drop by the Station and view this incredible woman’s life work.