• Great Partnerships

    Ski poles are an integral part in transferring energy from the upper body to the snow to generate forward movement. Finding the best ones for your skiing lifestyle is key.

  • Taking Charge of Your Side

    Emotion has the power to overrule mind and reason. Here are four rules to keep in mind when you send someone a message, comment on a picture, or spread your opinion.

  • Brittany Loberg

    Looking for ways to volunteer within the community sparked the start of Fernie Friends of Refugees, an organization committed to advocating for and sponsoring refugees to the community of Fernie.

  • The Blues and Laura Smith

    Her melodious vocals give a connection to the greater world through her songs and she'll be showcasing it at the Arts Station this month.

  • February 2016 Business News

    Elk Valley Critical Incident Response Team hosts a two-day training event on grief, Fernie Alpine Resort adds three new locals programs, the 4th Annual Winter Wheezer and Vitality Body & Mind welcomes Full Body Pampering to its team.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events