• Power Through Collaboration

    The power and structure behind an organization really comes to light when you are amongst a focus group willing to volunteer its time, expertise and energies, and work together to fulfil this objective.

  • Jim and Alice Booth

    The Seniors Drop-in Centre is a fixture of our community. Many of us have attended events held there over the years, from piano recitals to retirement parties, 3300 Club events to bridal showers. While it is a fantastic venue for hosting, it has become vital to the senior citizens living in our community.

  • Silver Springs

    Water is a sculptor, carving out the rugged peaks, basins and ridges of the beautiful mountain landscape that we all love.

  • A Solo Camp Adventure

    Despite rain, the silence of a companionless adventure is at once frightening and fabulous.

  • The Iconic Photo Spots of Island Lake Contest

    Share your love for Island Lake through 12 iconic photo spots for your chance to win a $1,000 travel voucher!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events