• Exhibit Opening at the Fernie Museum: An Immigrant Story - Emilio Picariello

    Emilio's story is a significant one not only because it provides insight into the immigration history of Fernie but also because it allows for the exploration of the impact of Prohibition on individuals and the community as a whole.

  • Where Cultures Collide

    Sitting down with Natascha from VM Travel who's had opportunities to travel to such beautiful countries as Argentina, Morocco, France, Spain and Italy.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max Fury Road tells the story of how Max, a man tortured by his violent and unbelievably turbulent past, gives aid to Imperator Furiosa, a fellow road warrior, as she attempts to shepherd the four concubines of an evil warlord called Immortan Joe to a place where they will be free of sexual and physical abuse.

  • Moments into Memory

    For me it’s not about writing every day. It’s about writing when I feel inspired: a quick note when you wake up in the middle of the night, an idea that you jot down on a crowded hot bus in Lima Peru, laying face first in the dirt gasping for air after crashing on your bike, or when you take a momentary break from getting your butt kicked in a soccer game by a bunch of 12-year-old Peruvian boys. So you can remember all those moment later.

  • August 2015 Business News

    Celebrate Recovery returns after a successful year, Creative Energy Arts Factory made history this July, Eco Dogs Pet Grooming adds more appointments and Montane launches Stage Three.

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Upcoming Events